With the latest update rolled out to Chalk today (1.54.0), I introduce to you … 🥁🥁🥁 … the new Climbing Diary! It can be found by tapping the appropriate tab at the bottom of the app.

Use the Climbing Diary to view all your activities in an easy to glance display. Logged sessions are displayed with an easily recognisable red background.

Simply tap the day and your familiar activity card will appear. Tapping that card will bring up the session in detail.

The climbing diary is useful to check your history to see how frequently you go climbing a month/week, and to review your progress.

I hope you enjoy this update!



Chalk has just been updated on the app stores! This version includes:

  • Display the current location on the discovery tab
    This makes it easier to see where climbing locations are corresponding to your exact location. This is represented by a blue marker
  • Made adjustments to when the marker clusters show
    Sometimes the marker clusters (when the locations are grouped together) are not useful when zoomed in too far on the map. Therefore, the marker clusters now appear when you zoom out a bit more of the map




With Chalk, you can use our app to track your sessions, log routes, share with friends, and even take pictures of yourself on the wall while you climb! Our goal is to be there every step of the way as you grow into a stronger climber.

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