Data Security and Privacy Challenges In Cloud Computing

Vedant Ghodke | 22nd May, 2022

In the last blog titled “A Brief Overview — Challenges In Cloud Computing”, we went through a brief overview of the categories of key challenges in cloud computing and its implementation. One of the very important challenges faced by many of the organizations and end-point consumers revolves around Data Security and Privacy protection, simply because of the behemoth amount of loss that it can cause if mishandled.

In the realm of software and information technology, data security has long been a key issue. According to NASSCOM, data security is much more crucial in the cloud computing environment since most corporate and individual data is stored there.

Although cloud companies incorporate security as part of their services, it is never enough since data confidentiality is constantly in danger. Cyberattacks can take numerous forms, including man-in-the-middle attacks, password guessing assaults, phishing attacks, and more.

In regards to the same, I have enlisted below a few key challenges for maintaining Data Security and Privacy in a cloud computing environment.

Data Attack and Breach

Data breaches are a major source of anxiety for cloud users. As per the Cost of a Data Breach study, data breaches cost businesses around the world an average of $2 million each breach. As a consequence, we can estimate the severity of the risk in case of cloud uptake.

Poor access control, weak passwords, and sloppy security authentication all contribute to data theft in cloud computing. Developers frequently leave encryption keys in their code, which hackers may access via multiple portals, resulting in significant data loss. Cloud security is more likely in organizations that do not engage in modern security solutions.

Image Source: MalwareBytes

Lack Of End-To-End Visibility

According to Dimension Research, 87% of respondents think that their organization’s security vulnerabilities are obscured by a dearth of cloud visibility.

This appears to be a significant cloud security issue. The lack of complete visibility in both open and hybrid cloud settings may be a major issue. The issue regarding data privacy grows when you don’t have comprehensive administration and control skills for the servers hosting the data. Data privacy refers to a user’s personal information being kept private from unauthorised users. With the widespread usage of the public cloud these days, data privacy concerns are becoming more apparent.

Image Source: Kratikal

Cyber Attacks

Organizations are concerned about the security provided by cloud service providers. They believe that cyber attackers may find it easier to breach cloud systems than conventional systems due to low to zero control. A single major cyber assault has the potential to inflict massive data loss as well as harm the brand and integrity of an organization. A company’s cloud computing services can be harmed by a variety of cybersecurity risks. Listed below are a few key cyber attacks that may cause major data security and privacy breach.

  • Cloud Malware Injection Attack

This is the most serious cloud security threat. The main goal here is to insert malware into the cloud infrastructure in order to gain access to the user’s data in the cloud.

Image Source: TrueVault
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

This overloads your system with traffic that your servers can’t handle. Such assaults have the potential to take down your system, making it unavailable to your employees, users, and customers.

Image Source: Indusface
  • Man In The Middle

This occurs when an unauthorised user/hacker manages to get between two or more parties’ conversations. If the hacker succeeds, he will be able to change the data.

Image Source: Samsung Insights

Insecure APIs

Insecure APIs are a big concern to cloud adopters among all the data security challenges. According to a Gartner study, APIs are expected to be the most common attack vector by 2025, accounting for 90% of the threat landscape.

Customers can use a number of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) supplied by cloud service providers to manage and monitor their cloud services. Major data leaks may occur if these APIs are compromised or exposed. If these APIs are broken or exposed, significant data breaches may occur. They have the potential to make personal, professional, financial, and other sensitive data and credentials public.

As a result, it is critical for organizations and consumers to reconsider their approach towards API security.

Image Source: Security Today

Complexity of Regulation and Compliance

Cloud computing presents compliance problems due to a lack of complete visibility. Meeting complete compliance while using public or hybrid cloud services can be tough, especially in areas like finance, banking, and healthcare, where data is particularly sensitive.

Generally, service providers use their cloud-based services to incorporate security and compliance measures. As a result, determining their area of compliance is challenging. Many financial and healthcare institutions are hesitant to embrace the cloud because of its complexity.

Image Source: Vector Stock


The deployment of cloud technology benefits businesses from all industries. Cloud infrastructure enables businesses to be more nimble, enhance work processes, cut expenses, and modernise their operations, providing them with a competitive advantage.

However, how might cloud computing’s risks and issues be avoided? The most critical factor is to choose a trustworthy cloud service provider. Deal only with trustworthy managed cloud providers who take all required security precautions.

  • The most important thing is to select a reputable cloud service provider. Always deal with a reputable managed cloud service provider who has all of the necessary security measures in place.
  • Organizations must also take responsibility for their own data security by establishing a cyber risk management framework that can offer the necessary protections.
  • There are complete cyber security solutions that can provide end-to-end security for your company.

Hope that my attempt of highlighting the importance of Data Security and Privacy challenges in Cloud Computing was enriching!

Thank you for visiting! Do check out our other blogs in this series!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay updated!



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