Lack of Expertise in the field of Cloud

The Cloud is a topic that is discussed these days everywhere. The cloud’s reach keeps growing as technology advances at an accelerated rate; it’s a hot topic. Yes, this nebulous phrase does appear to cover practically everything about ourselves.

Cloud technology is what people are actually referring to these days, even though the Cloud is only a metaphor for the internet. It improves corporate visibility, streamlines business processes, adds more data intelligence, fosters greater employee cooperation, and alters the workflow of both small and large firms to assist in decision-making while lowering costs.

But nothing is perfect and ideal in this world, Cloud computing also has it’s own issues that needs to be address to make it even better. It has some issues related to Security, Cost management, Governance control, Privacy, Compliance etc.

Lack of Knowledge or expertise is also one of the issues that most of the IT companies or IT service companies are facing. We will focus on above issue throughout this article.

Lack of resources and skilled employees is hurting most of the enterprises. Every other business appears to be considering using cloud services or has already done so. Because of this, the workload in the cloud is growing, necessitating constant rapid innovation for cloud service hosting organisations. These considerations make it difficult for enterprises to stay current with the tools. More competent and qualified workers are required because new tools and technologies are being developed daily. Only by providing IT and development workers with more training these difficulties will be reduced.

Also, the Security of a cloud will always be in question if a company doesn’t have skilled and knowledgeable IT development workers. Security issues like,

  • Compromised credentials
  • Broken authentication
  • Human error
  • Mass sensitive data breaches
  • Hacked interfaces and APIs
  • Account hijacking

may arise. So it’s very important to properly train these workers.

Apart from just training IT staff there are other solutions as well which are mentioned below.

A strong CIO championing cloud adoption can help. It may be excessively expensive for SME (small and medium-sized) businesses to recruit specialists to their IT teams. Fortunately, a lot of the routine duties carried out by these experts may be automated. In order to do activities like resource consumption monitoring and scheduled backups at set intervals, businesses are turning to DevOps technologies like Chef and Puppet. Additionally, these tools aid in cost, governance, and security optimization of the cloud.

Lack of resources/knowledge issue in Cloud computing may look simple but surely should not be overlooked. If this issue gets resolved the near future will be really bright and convenient.

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