Introducing Challonge Ratings

Elo ratings for your tournaments’ players and teams

This week we quietly released a powerful new feature: Challonge Ratings. Read on to learn how to activate our Elo-based ratings system and leaderboards for your events.

How to enable the ratings system

  1. Create an organization.
  2. Run a tournament hosted by your organization, and specify the game being played.
  3. Associate your participants to Challonge users or teams.

And that’s it! Meet these requirements and you’ll automatically see a Leaderboards tab on your organization’s homepage. If you’ve been running tournaments this way all along, you have Challonge Ratings just waiting to be uncovered.

What do the ratings mean?

All ratings start at 1000. Whenever you play a match against another rated player, your rating will adjust once the match outcome is reported. Read more about our ratings at

Related goodies

When running a tournament that meets the requirements for ratings, you’ll unlock a couple features on your tournament pages.

When viewing a match’s details, you’ll see Challonge Ratings.

And once the match outcome is reported, you’ll see the rating impact on each side.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning for ratings and stats, so we can’t wait to reveal more developments along this track in the future. But first, we have something even bigger to announce in November. Stay tuned!