Puzzle…… will take your lifetime to Solve

I am sure at least once in a while, you might have thought about this(puzzle).

This is a puzzle that I felt was very interesting and can’t be tackled easily. It may take a lifetime to solve it, but we may not end up with a generalized answer.

It’s a one-line puzzle.

Puzzle: Everything happens for some reason. But that reason can be known(or decoded) only after it’s cause. Can you figure out that cause before it’s occurrence?

If you could solve this puzzle then I believe there is nothing significant you could achieve further in Life. I think It’s the END because from the point you know about your future occurrences, every situation is in your control (which means you will not find anything new and interesting every day).

I believe, it is impossible to solve because we are not clairvoyants to predict future happenings. Even, if someone is clairvoyant, it is based on their assumptions and their predictions, their predictions may not always be accurate.

For the guys who haven’t understood the Puzzle. I would explain it using an Example.

This example is articulated in order to explain what is a puzzle.

Phase — 1: There is a man named ‘Hidee’. After completing his graduation from one of the well-known institutions in his country, he applied to many companies, he was rejected by 99 companies despite having all the skills.

Phase — 2: But he cracked his 100th interview in an early-stage startup where he was offered equity. After a few months, that startup was brought up by one of the tech giants in silicon valley. Hidee became a billionaire then because of equity.

Puzzle: Can Hidee know why Phase — 1(rejection @ many levels) happened before the occurrence of Phase — 2 (becoming a billionaire).

If he would have known that Phase-2 will happen, then Hidee wouldn’t have even attended 99 interviews.

My Solution for this puzzle: Whatever happens, let it happen. Everything happens for reason. Rather than figuring out the reason, it’s better to take everything for granted and keep on trying for what you want…..

Thank you for reading so far. If you liked the article and had something you wanted to share with me, feel free to comment or contact me via email mvschamanth@gmail.com



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Chamanth mvs

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