What if our leaders who rule us need to qualify basic exam?

Shouldn’t there be a minimum qualifying exam for our leaders? — Just asking?

We know that the most premier and difficult examination in our country is the Civil Services Examination, people who clear this exam will be trained and deployed to administer and maintain the country’s sovereignty, and we as citizens of India respect and regard these people the most.

But unfortunately, these people are administered or ordered by Cabinet Central ministers or State Government leaders. Most of these leaders don’t even have enough knowledge of the portfolios that they are governing. Few may argue that officials need not obey illicit orders passed on by politicians but few times, they tend to do that because of pressures. One may argue that they should withstand their duties without any influence for any kind of pressure but even these officials are humans and they get terrorized by these so-called leaders. Assuming, that there is a very less percentage of officials who get influenced because of these leaders. Even if it’s a negligible percentage, it isn’t a good sign for the country’s progress because there are chances these numbers might increase

In our country, people who are rich directly jump into politics to hide their atrocities, which they perform in society. Why enter politics and get governed and earn money there illegally? — Can’t they increase their wealth by investments rather than joining politics to make it even dirtier.

Unlike other countries, most of the leaders (from politicians to cabinet ministers, and central ministers) in our country are unfortunately not ethical and few of them also aren’t educated.

Surprisingly, if we question these, they say that they were elected by the people through the democratic system. So, if they don’t have a problem in electing me, why do you? — This argument is actually true but in our country, being one of the world’s highest populated countries, at least 50% of people aren’t educated and these leaders take advantage of these people and bribe them and get voted.

Few leaders even try to increase their vote bank just by provoking people to vote using religion and caste, which is one of the softest targets to many people in our country.

This has been the trend for the past several years because of this,

People who are coming into politics with the intention to serve people are very rare and also youth, who are interested are also stepping back by getting afraid of vendetta politics and also because of existing leaders who have already taken entire power and system into their hands.

But, I think this might change if we design the system in this way.

→ Every person, who is contesting in the election should have minimum educational qualification*.

→ He / She shouldn’t have any criminal records against them, in case if they have, they should be thoroughly scrutinized under which terms, and cases are lodged against him/her.

→ Everyone who is contesting in the election, should clear the MPNEGA examination, where MPNEGA stands for “Minimum People Needs and Ethics and General Awareness” on all aspects like Economy and all departments(from Agriculture to Urban Development,….)*.

This exam should be proctored by Civil Service Officers.

→After attaining minimum qualification mark, they can be permitted to participate in the elections and after the election, if they get an opportunity to be in the government’s cabinet, then they should be allocated portfolios according to their performance in the above exam.

→ * Few of you, might question this — why you have been stressing about having an education. Let’s take a small example of this — Let’s assume, Government should pass an order on amending revenue stamps. If the minister, who is part of this department’s portfolio, just signs without understanding what is in the order, then assume how devastating it is!

→ *I agree there are few people, who are efficient enough to contest in the election and get elected with the help of their knowledge of society, even without having education — To such people, instead of writing the examination, they should be interviewed thoroughly with various interview panels, which includes Civil Service Officers and Professors.

In this way, we can at least get some leaders to the Parliament/Assembly who is well educated and can do healthy politics.

I am sick of being in this society, where everything in this country revolves around vendetta politics.

Just asking ? — Shouldn’t there be minimum qualifying exam for our leaders ?



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