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MASKED— Jan & Feb 2021 Newsletter

Fatim Hemraj
Mar 1 · 2 min read

Hello and welcome to MASKED — A monthly true crime newsletter by Chameleon.

My apologies, January was a hectic month for me and I didn’t get around to sending out a monthly newsletter. In this edition, I have included the top stories for both January and February.

Top stories for January 2021

12 Surprising Facts about the Zodiac Killer by Lori Lamothe

Newlywed Bride Pushes Husband Off Cliff 8 Days After Their Wedding by Fatim Hemraj

Vacation Romance Ends in Gruesome Murder by Liz Jin

Lethal Jealousy and The Betrayal She Never Saw Coming by Jax Hudur

The Beautiful Therapist Who Was Stalked and Murdered by Anita Durairaj

Her Last Tweets Predicted Her Own Death by Gisele Oliveira

The Married Woman Who Hid Her Secret Lover in the Attic For Years by Swati Suman

The Tik Tok Star who Outwitted a Serial Killer by Jessie London

The Strange Death of an Oklahoma Housewife by Jean Campbell

Top stories for February 2021

Gerald and Charlene Gallego: The Sex Slave Murderers by DeLani R. Bartlette

The Boy Next Door Who Murdered His Cheerleader Girlfriend by Anita Durairaj

The Heartbreaking Story of a Feral Child Named Genie by Liz Jin

Her Boyfriend Saw Her Being Raped and Set Her on Fire by Gisele Oliveira

Woman in Secret Love Affair With Married Colleague Vanishes by Fatim Hemraj

Jennifer Pan Faked Her Life and Her Parents Paid the Ultimate Price by Ana Writes

Have Police Been Searching for the Wrong Man: Rethinking the Molly Bish Murder Lori Lamothe

Welcome new writers!

Jane Doe: A True Crime Blog, Danielle Tinning, DeLani R. Bartlette, Christopher Kokoski, Rivy Lyon, Mark E. McCann, Prerna M, Bertilla Niveda, Jennifer Geer, Jenn Baxter, Zahruja J, Kassondra O'Hara

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Happy writing! 📝



Giving voices to those who no longer have theirs.

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A true crime publication, giving voices to those who no longer have theirs.

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A true crime publication, giving voices to those who no longer have theirs.

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