Teen Kills Mother for Getting in the Way of Plot to Kill Ex-Boyfriend

Nikki’s mother forgave her as she took her last breath.

Fatim Hemraj
May 12 · 8 min read
Jacquiline Reynolds. Source: Oxygen

Jacquiline Nicole “Nikki” Reynolds was adopted at three months old by Robert and Billie Jean Reynolds, a loving devout Christian couple from Coral Springs, Florida. The Reynolds’ lived in a charming house in an affluent neighbourhood and they made it a priority to give Nikki everything she asked for; the word ‘no’ was not in their vocabulary.

Nikki achieved high grades in school, participated in extra-curricular activities and attended church every Sunday. The Reynolds’ were incredibly proud of their well-behaved and obedient daughter, but things changed when she entered her sophomore year of high school. Suddenly, Nikki was more interested in the opposite sex and less interested in her religious obligations.

When Nikki met 16-year-old Carlos Infante in American History class in 1995, nothing else seemed to matter.

Nikki became overtly obsessed with Carlos. Her days were consumed by thoughts of him and every inch of her bedroom was covered in photographs of her new boyfriend. From the minute she woke up to the minute she closed her eyes at night, Nikki lived only for Carlos. Eventually, Nikki’s grades began to slip and she refused to go to church. Nikki was adamant to spend every waking minute with Carlos instead, despite her parents’ objections.

“I used to be like a real good Christian like no sex before marriage, and stuff like that and after I met him I got physically involved with him and that’s what drew me so close to him….I met Carlos and that’s when I fell into the sins, the sexual stuff and all that, and then I went downhill.”

In March of 1996, Nikki lost her virginity to Carlos and feared she was pregnant. Terrified of how her parents would react, she told them she had been attacked and raped while walking home from school. Nikki’s parents reported the crime to the police and she was transported to the hospital where a rape kit was conducted, but no sperm was found inside her. After some more probing, Nikki admitted to fabricating the rape.

Billie Jean purchased a pregnancy test for Nikki and although it was discovered she was not pregnant, the damage had already been done. Nikki’s parents were livid, not only was their teen daughter having unprotected pre-marital sex, but she had also gone to great lengths to conceal it from them.

Nikki’s parents believed Carlos was a bad influence on her and they demanded she end the relationship. Nikki began to sneak out of her bedroom window late at night after they had gone to sleep to see Carlos. Eventually, Nikki’s parents found out and they became enraged. They told her more time at church would fix her loose morals but Nikki refused, she began to throw tantrums so loud the entire neighbourhood would hear her screams.

The fights between Nikki and Billie Jean became so volatile that at one point Billie Jean told her friend, Patty, “Don’t be surprised one day if you come home and there are police cars and fire trucks up and down the street. I don’t know if it’s going to be me or Nikki, but one of us is going to be gone.

On May 13, 1997, Carlos broke up with Nikki at school, he was fed up with her constant lying throughout their relationship. They began arguing in the hallway until the fight was broken up by the high school counsellor. The counsellor called a mediation between Nikki and Carlos, at which point Nikki announced she was pregnant.

“I lied to him when I lost him a couple times and I told him I was pregnant and I wasn’t and I always got him back.”

Carlos told Nikki that if she was in fact pregnant, he would stick by her side and help raise the baby. If she wasn’t, the relationship would be over for good. The next day, Nikki came to school and told Carlos and the school counsellor that she had taken two pregnancy tests and both had come back positive. Carlos took Nikki back as promised, but her bliss didn’t last long.

The school counsellor phoned Billie Jean and informed her that Nikki was pregnant. Billie Jean was skeptical as she knew her daughter had already lied once before about being pregnant. Billie Jean purchased a pregnancy test for Nikki and discovered she was lying once again when the test came back negative. Billie Jean told the counsellor Nikki was not pregnant and the counsellor told a relieved, but angry, Carlos.

Carlos called Nikki, confronted her about her lies and broke up with her again, this time, for good. Distraught, Nikki went into her mother’s medicine cabinet and swallowed 4 to 5 handfuls of Aspirin, hoping to put an end to her life, but the reaction she expected never came.

Robert and Billie Jean were at their wits’ end. They had tried so hard to support their daughter and provide her with a loving home, yet she continued to lie and manipulate those around her to get what she wanted.

At 4 pm that same day, May 14, 1997, Billie Jean took Nikki to church to speak with a counsellor about her constant lying and misbehaviour. The counsellor scolded Nikki for giving her parents so much grief. Nikki got upset and walked out of the session. She ran into the church pastor and asked, “Would a Christian be forgiven if they did something really bad?”

The pastor said yes, not knowing at the time that the ‘something really bad’ Nikki was referring to was murder. She had decided to kill Carlos for breaking up with her.

“For some reason I thought in my mind that I could not live without him so my plan was to bring a knife to school and I was going to like stab him or something like that, and I knew that I would get in trouble for it because I’d do it in front of people but I figured I would be happy for the fact that like nobody else could have him.”

By the time Nikki and her mother returned home from church at 5:30 pm, she had her plan all figured out. She would slit Carlos’ throat at 8 am the next morning in front of all of his classmates. However, Billie Jean threw a wrench in her daughter’s murderous plans when she informed her the school counsellor would not allow her to return to school until she attended a meeting to discuss her behaviour; Billie Jean and Nikki would drive to school together the next morning at 10 am to meet with the school counsellor.

Nikki feared being sent home after the meeting, taking away her only chance to kill Carlos. She came up with a new plan: she would kill her parents while they slept, then drive herself to school the next morning and kill Carlos.

While having dinner with her parents, Nikki apologized to them for her behaviour. At 6:30 pm, Robert left for church. The Reynolds’ went to church every Wednesday evening but Billie Jean chose to stay home that particular day. She informed Nikki she was grounded and told her to wash the dishes.

“After we ate dinner my dad decided he was going to go to church so I figured, this even makes it easier for me if I kill my mom and then clean up the mess and wait till my dad gets home, then I’ll kill him and then I’ll drive to school tomorrow and then I’ll kill Carlos.”

At 7 pm, Nikki grabbed a 14-inch butcher knife and slowly dragged a finger down the blade to ensure whether it was sharp enough to do the job. She then approached Billie Jean who was working on the computer in the family room. Nikki lunged at her mother from behind and tried to slit her throat, but the knife did not cut her. Billie Jean ran into the laundry room screaming, “No Nikki, don’t!

It was too late, Nikki had made her choice. “I’m sorry. I have to kill you because I can’t live without Carlos!” she screamed as she lunged at her mother once again and stabbed her repeatedly. Billie Jean ran throughout the house leaving a path of blood behind her, only to find there was no escape. Eventually, she collapsed.

Nikki asked her mother, “Are you dying?” Billie Jean responded, “Yes.

As she laid there defenceless and covered in stab wounds, Billie Jean looked up at the face of the daughter she had loved so much and told her she forgave her. Billie Jean told Nikki she loved her and only wanted her to get help. Nikki plunged the knife into her mother’s chest one final time, taking her last breath.

“I was already stabbing her. I figured she was going to die anyway and I didn’t want her to, as unbelievable as this may sound, I didn’t want her to suffer. I wanted to just finish it off so she would just die already. And not just sit there and suffer or something like that, and bleed a long death. I just wanted to keep stabbing her so she’s lose blood and just die.”

Nikki washed the knife and tried to clean up her mother’s blood. She had planned to kill her father once he returned home from church but when Nikki looked at her mother’s lifeless, bloodied body and thought back to how many stab wounds it had taken to kill her, she realized it would be ‘too hard’ to do it again. Instead, she called 911 and confessed.

When the authorities arrived they found 17-year-old Nikki waiting on the front porch, covered in her mother’s blood. Billie Jean was pronounced dead at the hospital at 8:10 pm, she had been stabbed 25 times. When Robert returned home to discover his wife had been killed by their own daughter, he collapsed in disbelief.

After being treated at the hospital for a possible overdose, Nikki was arrested and charged with murder.

Billie Jean, Robert and Nikki. Source: Murderpedia

I don’t understand where I got all this from? All of a sudden because I’ve never thought about killing my parents. I’ve always been their little baby, their little girl and everything like that. Been precious to them and everything like that until like this past month has been really triggering because I’ve been having a lot of problems with Carlos.

Nikki pleaded innocent by reason of insanity. Her defence team tracked down her biological mother who testified about her family history regarding depression, suicide and mental illness. A psychiatrist also testified that Nikki suffered from borderline personality disorder, but the jury didn’t buy it. Nikki was found guilty of second-degree murder.

Nikki tearfully requested the judge allow her to serve her sentence in a psychiatric institution rather than a prison. Instead, he gave her the maximum sentence possible, 34 years, in prison. It was later reduced to 21 years and eight months and Nikki was released from prison on September 18, 2015.

Not much is known about Nikki’s life after prison, however, in a post allegedly made by her in 2017 on Billie Jean’s online memorial, she writes, “I miss my family. I love you.

Sources: Murderpedia, Reynolds v. State, Oxygen


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A true crime publication, giving voices to those who no longer have theirs.

Fatim Hemraj

Written by

I cover true crime ◦ 2.5M+ views ◦ free monthly newsletter: http://bit.ly/3xWGWYy ◦ www.fatimhemraj.com 🧟‍♀️



A true crime publication, giving voices to those who no longer have theirs.

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