Get To F’n Work!

by m.s.wardrip


Get your A** to work!

People look to me because I am retired for financial advice.

I tell them different things, but mostly… get to work!

You can do a lot, but if you don’t, you will fail.

Work harder now.

Simple, right?

Do more in less time.

Make that call.

Meet that person.

Go after what you need.

Make it happen.

Quit being lazy.

Get it done. Now!

Work more.

Work harder.

Do what you know you must do.

Do it better.

Believe you can do it better and now do it.

Push the bar, pull the weight, knock down the door,

Get it done.

Smack the punching bag.

Kick the garbage can.

Slam the basketball dunk.

Hit it with the biggest hammer.

Drag it down, smash it out, squash it,

Boil it, cook it, heat treat it to the highest temp,

Burn it down to the foundation and build it back 10 times taller.

Don’t stop to read all this.

Get to work now.

Work damnit! Work!

Stop wasting time.

Get it.

Get it now!


Go on!

Now! Work!

Work Harder!

Get to F’n WORK! NOW!

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