More Than Just A Mother

by m.s.wardrip

The statement on the birth certificate reads, Mother ________, Father______, Gender______, Weight______, Time of Birth_____, etc.

The problem is… She doesn’t think like that… all that reality stuff… to her… It’s just unreal. People are real. The records of them are inaccurate.

She thinks you should not document people… that they are more than that.
People are more important than the account of them. So much goes unsaid.

So, more than just a Mother… She is a defender of freedom humanitarian. 
The Mother is the Mother’s Mother’s Mother’s Mother… all the way forward.

To say Happy Mother’s Day! You’re the greatest Mom ever! Understatement!
Simply put, anything as great as a Mother cannot be comprehended by us.

We are fortunate pawns of a great Queen, next to a great King, on a board.
The game is just that… a game. This is not a game. The game came after.

Who is Mother of all Mothers? I leave you to ponder that gentle notion.
Meanwhile, I am not a Mother, only thankful that we each have a great one.

If there were a contest to find the greatest Mother ever… it would be grand!
And there is no “Greatest Mother in All the World”, but somehow… mine is!

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