My Blue Haired Girl

By Steve Wardrip

What ever happened?

Thursdays are so so,

I met her bout a week ago,

She was on a bus downtown,

I sat down beside her,

And acted like a clown.

I danced in the aisle for her,

I said I wish I was born in a saloon,

I told her I was a professional,

She offered to buy me a drink.

We fell in love, got married,

Moved to the suburbs so I could work in cardboard manufacturing,

She stayed home and cooked Italian with neighbors,

I got into poker with the boys,

Sometimes I’d stay out late,

Got to be a habit,

Came home early one night,’

He was on top, She was screaming in delight, I turned on the light.

He jumped and ran for his shorts,

I was quicker,

She pulled up the sheet and screamed,

The shot rang out,

I’m on probation,

She filed for divorce,

The boy friend is disabled for life,

I have no wife,

I hate cardboard but it’s all I have,

Time moves on,

A lady at the market,

I’ve talked to her twice,

Damn, she is nice!

I’m hoping for thrice,

She’s got blue hair,

I’m there,


She’s my blue haired girl.

Yeah, She’s my blue haired girl.

She’s my blue haired girl.

Yeah, She’s my blue haired girl.

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