New Daytona Beach Florida Spas Vacations — The Best Ever!

by Steve Wardrip

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While I am not specifically classified as a “Travel Writer”, I do occasionally travel and write. While I am just a regular Joe, no great deal of money, using debit cards and cash only and operating on a very tight budget. I saved a little each week for my exotic getaway. My partner had to work and really wanted me to take the trip alone so I could “find myself”, “my core happiness“, to meditate, to be calm” and to address some not so pleasant health concerns, and to find innate personal solutions. Good therapy is what it would be according to her reasoning. It, was my idea and I’m so glad she was so onboard, supportive and encouraging. I was going to check another milestone off my bucket list.

Recently, I traveled to the Daytona Beach Area for a personal rest and relaxation vacation from the stresses of life, for more than a week, alone, for a week and a half, eleven days to be exact. Living in a small Midwestern city, our little airport is limited in its destinations. One such travel deal they have now is on a budget airline. I was able to buy tickets about a month in advance online. Round Trip to Daytona/Sanford Airport, there and back for under $100, actually $39 each way. Luggage fees are hefty and so I travelled with one personal item for free, a laptop computer case with a couple changes of clothes. Motels have laundry facilities. The same trip used to cost over $400 on other airlines. There are many car rental agencies at the easy to navigate terminal and there are also shuttle busses available to board and the price is around $35 each way to and from Orlando to Daytona.

A fantastic paradise acquired me, or did I acquire it?

I called and reserved a car with Alamo Car Rental, the one with the cheapest online fares. I made my reservations, was quoted a nice price of $281 for a full seven days of a compact car. The surprise was at the counter when they asked for my full coverage car insurance company. I don’t own a car. My mate and I share one, so I’m not insured on my own. The car rental agency said they could rent me a bigger, newer car for an additional $300 for insurance. I put all I could on the debit card and paid the rest in cash. It didn’t leave me much money for gas, food, entertainment or souvenirs. Still I was running along dumb and happy, and on budget.

The hotel was old and cheap, right on the beach, a beautiful spot. The television was broken and the maid came in and showed me how to get it to operate. It looked like a chunk was missing out of the top right part of the screen. Still, not a bad deal for $45 per night, which included a secluded, safe and private swimming pool out back. The rooms were clean and attractive, old Florida style. I loved the retro effect.

Reflecting back, I imagined all sorts of amenities that would have made the vacation better. I see better ways to do more. Partially from being an optimist, I imagined hundreds of ways it could be better. I planned my days, the little trips I would make, the interesting, out of the way places to visit, the off the beaten path possibilities. I figured out how my little retreat for so little money could have been so much better. I made my vacation special and enjoyable to me, even though others only spoke of the danger of crime and how I should watch my back, never travel alone, don’t go out at night, carry a gun and most of all, don’t trust anyone for any reason.

With headlines like in the local newspaper, the local and national news, despair is plastered all over the front page, naturally making the reading public paranoid and afraid. There is a simple, elementary fix to this problem. It’s called peace, respect, goodwill and compassion. It doesn’t get much attention. Give it some attention and see good change happen. — steve wardrip

First of all, there needs to be a change in attitude in Florida which will lead to a better image for the entire state. Daytona Beach is historically a place to rejuvenate, relax, recharge and repair in a paradoxical respite for vacationers. Right now, people are afraid of crime, robberies, druggies, crazed drunks and high people who get mean and bully others. I never saw any of that, but I did see many valiant people who went above and beyond being nice and accommodating. Okay, there was a fight at a beachside bar. An isolated misunderstanding incident. I was lucky to have been there and not involved. Name calling, pushing, shoving, insults, somehow I avoided it. I went outback to the parking lot and sat on a bench until it was all over and spoke to some very nice Floridians while there. People are starting to avoid the beach and boardwalk because of panhandlers, beggars, homeless intimidators. There have even been attacks from the panhandlers on average citizens. Shootings, stabbings, parental murders, home invasions, kidnappings, people caging their children, just generally mistreating others, inflicting pain, chaos and expenses on an otherwise beautiful community. I like what I see because I see good people outweighing the bad people 1 Million to one. I want to be a catalyst for change, good change. I want to see Daytona Beach shine like it’s never shown before. I want this beach to be the dream model for all other vacation spots. I want to turn this town from a rough, tough, competitive, motorsport, race car, motorcycle, 4-wheeler redneck, drunken, stoned, high, ripoff or get ripped off, college kids, sex and beer on a pickup truck tailgate to something much better for better people. Paradise on Earth is what I want to usher in. Make it the finest Spa Retreat anywhere!

For that same $1000 I spent on a week and half retreat, I could have lived in paradise. All that is necessary is proper planning and execution. Spa Retreat All In! Package Deal — $1000 bucks and you get a week in paradise, pampered, fluffed and puffed, refreshed and invigorated, relaxed and renewed. All inclusive. From your home to paradise and back.

Daytona Beach Paradise Spa and Retreat — The World’s Finest Beach! 
2 Adults — $1000 Total from anywhere in the USA for one week. 
Includes meals, lodging, transportation and complete deluxe spa treatment, entertainment, drinks, snacks, buffets and Top Notch Gold Star Service! Privacy or gatherings are available. Yoga classes on the beach, nighttime drum circles on the beach, holistic health instruction, education and enlightenment. Holistic health remedies , treatments and procedures.

It’s fun helping people have fun!
Leave home a stressed out mess and come back a week later a new person!

Do you want a real fun vacation? 
Then, come enjoy a week in the sun and fun at…

Daytona Beach Paradise Spa and Retreat — On The World’s Finest Beach!

(Then go do Disney and all the attractions, racecars, motorcycles, beer… whatever… but I bet you will prefer the Spa and Resort. Come find out!)

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