4 Easy Steps to Find Your Purpose in 2022 — And Why it Matters More Than Ever

Natasha Zolotareva
Change Becomes You
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4 min readJan 12, 2022


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In the past year, 68% of people have seriously considered changing their careers. Many of us feel less than enamored with our career choices and daily commute. We clock in at work each day feeling that something is missing. We feel like there has to be something more for us. Well — there is more. With so many shifts happening in the workplace, it’s a great time to use this opportunity to create a career that aligns with your purpose. Or, as Sahara Rose, the best-selling author of Discover Your Dharma, says, your soul’s purpose.

Your dharma is the truest expression of who you are. Every aspect of your life is a conscious choice. You are tapped into an endless stream of creativity, passion, and inspiration, which is the cosmos running through you.” — Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is an ancient soul in a modern body teaching millennials how to connect to their dharma, aka, your soul’s purpose. With so many people feeling called to change career paths, there’s no better time to take Sahara’s advice and discover your dharma. Now is your chance to find a career so connected to your purpose that it propels you out of bed each morning. There’s no better time to do it than right now — and all it takes is 4 simple steps.

4 Easy Steps to Find Your Purpose

Check Your Texts

Sahara opens our eyes to the power of our text messages; “You’d be surprised by how revealing your text messages can be!” Imagine someone texted you right now asking you for advice on something. What would that be? What do the people in your life come to you for advice on? Whatever your answer to that question is — it’s part of your purpose. Your friends and family come to you for advice on that subject because they see you as the expert. It’s something you are naturally great at — it’s a piece of your purpose or dharma.

Check Your Google Searches

Take a look at your search history. Can you find a pattern? Maybe, you search for recipes often or articles about photography. Your search history can give your breadcrumbs to what your purpose is. If you’re searching for something often chances are, you’re excited about it. And the things that excite us also lead us to our purpose.

“Google is like a crystal ball into what you’re interested in.”

Follow those breadcrumbs of excitement by exploring them further. You’ll know when you’ve found your purpose when your outer world and inner world blend together — you feel like you are living your truth. When you live your dharma, there is no separation between what you are doing and who you are. Looking back at your Google searches shows us how curiosity leads us to our dharma.

Who You Follow on Social Media

What social media accounts inspire you? The people you follow on social media show you what’s possible. The qualities you admire in other people are there to show you what is within you. Your admiration is recognition of a quality you also possess. If you find yourself triggered by people whose lives you admire, this is another breadcrumb you should follow. Sahara Rose shares, “…these same qualities you admire in them you have dormant within yourself, waiting to be activated. Sometimes it works as a positive role model, and other times it can be a trigger, based on how healed we are in that area of our lives. Our triggers lead us to our truth.”

The next time you feel triggered by someone on social media, ask yourself, “What is it about this person that triggers me? How is this a reflection or projection of what is going on within me?” Answering these questions will provide you with more clarity on what calls to you. That which calls to you is guiding you to your inner purpose — follow it.

Explore Your Interests

The last step combines your knowledge from the first three steps. Whatever interests you uncover from your text messages, Google searches, and people you follow, start to explore them. The more you follow what excites you, the quicker you will find your purpose. Don’t be afraid to try new things or quit them if they don’t align. The faster you recognize something isn’t your purpose, the quicker you can move on to the next thing that calls you.

Chase the things that light you up, and explore every interest you have. Every single one of us has a purpose. This lifetime is about finding your purpose and sharing it with the world. Sharing our dharma’s with the universe is the one thing we all have in common. Allow yourself to believe that there is something more for your life and then use these steps to uncover your hidden talents and life’s purpose. Before you know it, you’ll be living your dharma.