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Change Becomes You

8 Rules of My Life that Put Me in the Real World

Everyone has rules that come through experience.

We have intentions and missions to accomplish them. Not everyone achieves their desired destiny in life. Sometimes, we do our dreams in fantasies.

Resource: Unsplash from Eric Nopanen.

Being a writer, it’s my dream to write thoughout the thick and thin of my life. Can I achieve it with a reality base? Or am I supposed to love the idea of writing every day?

The inner war is the first and foremost duty to conquer every day. That’s why Elon Must and Jeff Bezzo always highlight the importance of your love for your work.

If you love the allure of your work, you’ve no reason to create songs and dance to them.

I was depressed and impulsive as a teenager. My close friends try to seize my dreams because of misunderstandings. I have a sparky desire to left every friend and start my life with novel meanings once again.

So, questions that seize my mettle for the next move and put me back in my hole are around all the time. I’m answerless and become fragile.

My inner voice gives me purpose to write and be with those who, at least, show some stamina towards my genius messes. I lose my path and bellow many times. Below I mention the rules that act as a shield in the invasion of dangers.

1. Nobody has time for serious attention to your mistakes:

If you make mistakes, own them because at least you try something different. With perpetual directional errors, you can resolve any issue.

I always face the issue of financial struggles. So, I make mistakes hilariously and embark on my first writing business. Nobody has enough time and focus that hamper you as long as you become a celebrity.

So, move your steps independently.

2. Sometimes, the person you have a problem with is you. Talk to yourself:

There are times when we have a problem with our perceptual and destructive mistakes.

At that time, we need to listen to our inner guts and change the path with a flexible approach. I always love to express myself. I realize that singing is not for me. Instead of disappointing with my finding, I find other ways to play and find an inner connection with writing.

Our time to time inner debate saves us from humungous loss.

3. You’ve no idea about your strengths until you’ve been tested:

We require proper stretching to flex our strength muscles. Whatever your job is, constant practice rewards you with inevitable outcomes.

The best way to move to the next level is to challenge yourself for it.

I ask myself to achieve my writing and marketing goals. Most of the time it stays sharp and in focus.

4. Most people are making it up as they go:

No doubt, occasionally worse case scenarios click. Everything is out of control. It doesn’t mean start find others to blame.

If you get yourself in the pool of reality. Things go out of control; It doesn’t mean they’re barbaric. Find your way to tame things down to make them under your control.

5. Being true makes you lonely; you’re Okay:

The best version of yourself is the one that accepts your maximum truths. Once you stay honest, you can filter your likes from dislikes.

Besides, it attracts the right people for you. All it takes is to develop the guts to stick with your truth.

I share my true self with my friends. We embark on a small business.

6. Stop stressing about not having the right answer:

Can I tell you an ugly secret about human psychology? We love to be right but are always capable. That’s why the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, loves to stay with wrong and try to adopt less wrong.

So, next time you feel wrong about anything, don’t pretend you’re right. Go in the less wrong direction and solve the mess.

7. Self fraud is your growth enemy:

The stoic primary lesson is that we’re the punisher of ourselves. It means we require self-mastery to get freedom. So, self fraud is the way to break your rules. It leaks the tank the self-discipline that is the ultimate fuel of your success rocket.

8. Accountability gets you in control again:

Who is accountable if you feel stressed about your overload burden of work? Who can help you most to unleash your resource usage?

I take my responsibility. Besides, I never ignore the reactions of others.



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