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Birth Control for Men Exists, and Here’s Why You Haven’t Heard of It

It’s greener than this.

Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

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Let’s take a moment and talk about Neem. Inexpensive, easy to grow. Easy to find online, a legal herb. Ayurvedic, in fact. And here’s the thing about it…

“Male birth control? We can’t have that. That would throw everything off. Can’t just give men reproductive freedom.”

“I’m afraid the news is already out, Madam.”

“What is this thing we’re looking at?”

“It’s a commercial for the first male contraceptive pill.”

“Well, turn the volume up and let’s hear it.”

It’s an Ayurvedic herb

Neem has been used for thousands of years in India to promote skin health and detoxification of the blood. It comes in form of extract from the leaves of the Neem tree. It‘s very bitter. Also makes sperm immotile until you stop consuming it. Take it for a month straight and 99% of your sperm will throw the anchor down and won’t move. Your sperm won’t lower in production. They just stay still. Women can take neem to prevent pregnancy as well. It will brighten their skin and reduce the intensity of their monthly period.

“No, this is very bad this should not be on the feed, how could you have approved such a thing go live on the air?”

“Madam you read the programming schedule and mentioned no issues with it.”

“Well, what is this program called? And who is this man — the one who is talking about this contraceptive pill?”

“I believe his program is called The Immortal Wipe.”

“Please tell me that this is where his infomercial ends.”

“No, I believe he has yet to speak about applying neem as a spermicide. It appears to be very effective.”

“Wait a minute. Do you use neem?”

“Only for the way it brightens my skin. That’s the ONLY reason, Madam.”

More benefits of neem

You can apply neem oil as a spermicide. Also serves as a personal lubricant. Women can consume the leaves too, and it prevents pregnancy. That said, a few contraindications: You should know that anything that prevents pregnancy also causes a spontaneous abortion.

Neem makes the skin glow. It’s antimicrobial. Reduces acne. Serves as an insecticide in the garden. It’s an invasive tree once established, so be careful as it’s easy to grow and adapts to most climates… You may be wondering, why the hell does the world not know about this?

Understand that Neem is VERY toxic to children.

Neem is for adult use only. It’s abortive. Seek out your physician’s blessing before consuming it. And like anything made for adults only, you keep neem supplements out of reach of children. Just like you would your birth control.

Neem can be used as a Substitute for Plan B

Introduce neem in your diet for a month, while applying neem oil as a spermicide, also serves as a form of ‘morning after pill’ and greatly reduces the chances of pregnancy. Neem is antimicrobial. Antibacterial. Prevents infections. Helps with pH regulation. The list goes on and on.

Neem can empower you

Reproductive freedom for men and women. I think of the unwanted pregnancies and complications that come from not having reproductive freedom. It ends up hurting the children the most. For this topic to be glossed over doesn’t feel right.

I saw an 18-year-old boy get told by a prosecutor at family court that he had a year to figure out his job situation before he needed to start making child support payments to this girl from his high school he knocked up. The girlfriend was rightfully scared out of her mind and furious with this boy, and I’m looking at the world, and I’m thinking to myself — why not teach these folks about neem?

Would it be such a bad thing?

Giving men reproductive freedom will end the way the family court system interferes with children’s lives

As of late, you go to family court to get divorced, or it’s for a transaction of money. Failure to pay leads to incarceration. This is family court. It’s no nonsense. No one will listen to a word you have to say unless it’s about when you expect to pay. Nothing else matters.

There is current mass exploitation of men in family court. I admit there are exceptions and some women have really gotten a horrible deal. This system is a mess that I will go into in due time for the sake of people learning how I went through it. Speak to other men and women, see what they have to say. Speak with the parents awarded with custody. Gather opinions. And while that’s happening, let’s have men gain the right to make the decision as to when to have children. With neem. And suddenly the family courts lose their grip over all of this. It becomes a decision made between the couple.

Not offering the pill to men hurts men. Good news is, men will get over it. It’s the children that everyone should be worried about.

A Male Contraceptive Pill Helps Properly Distribute Responsibility

Men and women with complete reproductive freedom can agree that any pregnancy is a result of failing to take the necessary precautions, now that oral contraceptives are offered for free by sponsors who wish to drastically reduce the frequency of unwanted teenage pregnancies. For the harm an unwanted pregnancy causes families. Especially the children. To offer men and women the same choice when it comes to preventing pregnancy is a good thing.

It sounds strange to hear about a pill for men, doesn’t it?

See it from this lens: The moment I decide to bring sperm out of my body, the possibility of life being created exists. I heard a horror story of a man that ejaculated into a condom, and threw it in the bathroom trash. The woman he slept with took the sperm from the condom and somehow inseminated herself. She then sued this man for child support, and won. There’s an actual term for this called sperm stashing.

That said, if the option to consume an ayurvedic herb exists that dramatically reduces the motility of my sperm during the time that I consume it, I want in.



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