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Change Becomes You

Things I Learned From Listening to Drew Dudley Talk on Everyday Leadership

My Lollipop Moment

A person who leads a group of people, organisation or country is a leader.

And it is not completely wrong.

A leader is someone bigger than us, something beyond us…someone who is working to change the world.

Just listened to Drew Dudley’s famous TED talks. It has been one of the top 15 leadership inspirational TED talks of all times. Before watching this video it never occurred to me that a leader could be anything more or should I say less than that.

My Lollipop Moment

I had that strange feeling that I might not be able to make it here any longer than a month. I will not be able to prove my skills. Many times it crossed my mind that they made a mistake by hiring me for this role and they are going to regret it in a few weeks time.

Leadership is seen in the moment when someone said or did something that made your life better.

At that moment she made me feel I could do this. She made me feel that she will be there if I needed her.

Can we be friends?

There was nothing common between the two of us… no grounds on which we could connect. We were different on many levels.

A commoner or a leader?

The level of understanding that she showed could not be learned with the level of education one might have.

Leadership is the art of motivating people to act in a certain way to achieve common goals.

Her goal was to have the organisation’s work flowing smoothly. She could have made me look dumb by not showing me how things work around the office but she was above all this petty drama.

A leader is an honour that one day we are going to deserve to have?

Two years back she gave up her struggle. She could no longer manage to cope with her disease and work and took early retirement. Even though she is no more with me, I highly regard her.

As common people, we think that leadership is something out of our reach.

Is leadership bigger than us?

I have always been of the notion that leadership is something that is earned over the years or given to only those truly gifted.

We start to devalue the things we can do every day. We are leaders in the smalls moments but never take credit for it.



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