Change Becomes You
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Change Becomes You

Things I Learned From Listening to Drew Dudley Talk on Everyday Leadership

My Lollipop Moment

A person who leads a group of people, organisation or country is a leader.

A leader is someone bigger than us, something beyond us…someone who is working to change the world.

My Lollipop Moment

Leadership is seen in the moment when someone said or did something that made your life better.

Can we be friends?

A commoner or a leader?

Leadership is the art of motivating people to act in a certain way to achieve common goals.

A leader is an honour that one day we are going to deserve to have?

As common people, we think that leadership is something out of our reach.

Is leadership bigger than us?

We start to devalue the things we can do every day. We are leaders in the smalls moments but never take credit for it.



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