Change Becomes You
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Change Becomes You

Handle anything. Govern energy.

Dramatically reduce anxiety episodes. This toolkit became my ‘go-to’ way to feel balanced and handle situations.

Defining balance in this context

Energy in the body flows when it’s accepted. It becomes blocked when it isn’t.

Observing one’s thoughts Vs primal reactions

The energy toolkit:

  • Sharing what feeling has come up and, if aware of it, what the trigger was.
  • Doing something physical to move the body and in turn, move the energy. E.g. press-ups, kickbox, run, yoga, dance, jump up and down, even simply shaking.
  • Laughing or crying. Both are energy being released, we’ve just connected one to happiness and one to sadness.
  • Grounding energy. A few examples are: walk around barefoot (preferably on soil), meditate and/or even eat food from the earth; potatoes, root veg, etc.
  • Taking the embodied energy of one type into a space which is the other type initiates balance. As an example, if you live in a city and you’re feeling stressed because of the trappings of say, work (too much masculine) try to get out into the countryside. Cities are inherently masculine as they have a lot of straight lines and solid objects. In the countryside there are much fewer straight lines or solid objects, meaning it’s more open and free, which is inherently feminine.
  • If your job is process-driven (masculine energy), try to do stuff that’s creative (feminine) as well, preferably with no rules i.e. cooking is creative but if it’s following a recipe it’s not as effective. Same goes for art, if you’re doing Still life it’s following a pattern/rules as opposed to Abstract, which is freer. Grab a pencil and draw in whichever direction the body feels to go. The same applies to dance!

The foundations of balance

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