Change Becomes You
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Change Becomes You

It Took A Pandemic…

“New Year, New Me”… Or is it?

Photo by: Sarah Pflug

2020 has been a year of self-reflection and personal growth filled with unexpected occurrences for many of us. Important lessons about ourselves, and others connected to us, were learned one way or another. The necessity of solitude and consistent inner work, the protection and stability of our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional energy were all needed.

Putting ourselves as a top priority is not selfish. It is necessary for the health of the mind, body, and soul. By valuing self, the self-worth will not depreciate over time. By the same token, an explanation of “self-care” is never owed to anyone. It is a private matter and is up to the individual to share their intimate thoughts and feelings.

No matter the depth of the connection, length of time known, or a considerable amount of time spent with another human being, it is okay to let go. Whether it’s walking away from a toxic relationship or outgrowing a natural bond, it is a sign of self-improvement when termination is involved. Discern the importance of not placing lifetime expectations on the wrong crowd. Seasonal people are temporary, but their reason will vary. It may or may not transport you to your aligned path.

Ignoring past trauma will allow the hurt to live rent-free in you. It would not be beneficial to your well being and will only make matters worse. Start by acknowledging the elephant in the room. Gradually accept, identify and solve the problem. If all else fails, then seek professional help.

Life will always be unpredictable and never goes according to anyone’s plan. No one has foreseen what was to come in 2020, but most have forcefully adapted to a whole new living environment.

Fresh into the new year, will the gathered information be utilized? Is a list of resolutions and promises be kept or…? Has it been riddled with the same excuses before the transition? It is okay if the holidays or being under the influence of a substance was responsible for speaking on your behalf.

A reset button does not magically appear at midnight on New Year’s Day. It will not automatically make someone a responsible person out of thin air, nor will it make a bad situation disappear overnight. Change doesn’t happen immediately.

Working on yourself is an ever-evolving cycle of planning, setbacks, rearranging, revising, and reattempting those plans. Planning by its self takes a chunk of time. The actual execution of those ideas put into place isn’t easy either, especially when unresolved issues or past baggages are in the way. Other factors will be involved in the gradual process, but it doesn’t have to translate to failure.

Keeping up with the mindset and maintaining discipline day after day will be very challenging. It’s doable, but not at all impossible. Just remember that daily obstacles will always be at play. Without adversity, the satisfaction of overcoming your habits and continuing to make room for improvement wouldn't feel as sweet.




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Masaki Araya


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