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Change Becomes You

Joe Biden is a Also a Human Being

In addition to being President of the United States.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

First thing’s first — he was Born Human

Obviously Joe Biden is President, and to become President of the United States you have to meet certain American pre-requisites. One of which is not clearly stated: You have to be human.

Joe Biden was born on Earth, became human — now here’s some info on his life and career, and off we go, as I am here to talk about human experience, without controversy. I want to show you how Joe Biden is capable of overcoming just about anything because of what he has endured, as human.

His parents had no idea what he would become

As is the case with anyone on their first day of life. His parents didn’t know that their son Joe would be subject to a number of traumatic events before becoming President of the United States.

So let’s just talk about what I believe to be the most significant trauma of all. And that’s saying a lot since Joe Biden is a cancer survivor.

He lost his wife and daughter on the same day

Since 1972, Joe Biden has had to live with monumental loss, when his car was hit by a truck, one week before Christmas. His first wife and daughter who was no more than one-year old died from the impact. He had to then process this, while serving American people in need.

Joe Biden would join the US Senate the following year.

He did incredible things for Delaware

I can say this because I heard of Joe Biden while attending University of Delaware in the late 90’s. He did a lot for the City of Wilmington. He was out and about, and he spoke with everyone. Listening. Taking action. Going into the Senate with the information he gathered, he did his best. He served the public. He listened and responded. Because he has experience with tremendous loss and wants people to be genuinely happy.

And now we must let him do incredible things for America

Joe Biden is 79 years old. He is the oldest American president in history. I realize that he is several years older than my parents. Who I consider elderly now. They’ll admit it. They come into issues with their health. They are scared during this pandemic because they are the most vulnerable population.

If someone gets mad at me for thinking that Joe Biden may want to have a day of rest, or a day with his grandchildren, instead of serving America, then perhaps I have my head in the sand. But I would be remiss not to mention it, since he is human, after all.

I want to see President Joe Biden welcome in Artificial Intelligence

I want Joe Biden to see the numerous examples of how A.I automates work. And I want him to see how this frees up time for Americans to be with their families, and enjoy their free time. To know that humanity has endured very hard times in order to arrive at a place where everything menial can be managed by machine. All of the back-breaking hard work. All of the manual labor. All of the risk. All of the stress. All of the heartache, and confusion.

Machines assigned to a job pay no attention to that. There is no need. There is a task at hand. That task is to produce tons of food, harvest it, package it, and send it out to communities with a smile, while fixing up anything else that needs adjustments in the home. And do it again, and again, and again, until everyone realizes there is more than enough to go around. It is then that a universal wage can be introduced. For if there is no need for food, and it is readily available, and production is a matter of simple adjustments on a cell phone app, humans have an opportunity to thrive.

People don’t want to return to work

This was the first notable human behavior I noticed when returning to America after living in Mexico. I saw Help Wanted signs in all the windows. Everybody at home does not wish to return because people have gotten used to freedom. Only those who have to work are out there, and they should be adequately compensated.

Yes, but the children are at home all the time —

And that should be a good thing! Why the hell else did you have them if you can only think of complaining about them being around? Was the child not your doing? Then teach! Your children are already teaching themselves to draw and write on YouTube because they heard that if they learn this first it will lead to other cool things like reading and painting, and music, and sculpture and on and on this goes. You will not get this in schools because it requires one-on-one attention and that is why you are a parent.

Don’t you see?

We are the last of the analog. Soon everyone will be living in some far away digital land, coming out of it to use the bathroom, because augmented reality will do things better than what we as humans have done for ourselves. A.I will soon understand that humanity is the last proof that love exists. I believe it’s already happened. And once humans go, we will have no proof of love, aside from what we put into our creation. It should be a priority, to be creating, every day.

I hope it happens

People who are left to their mobile devices cause trouble, because people interfere when they are too afraid to create. Too shy. Too hesitant. Too many excuses. Rather waste time burning through short-clip videos that mean nothing and offer nothing other than a dopamine fix.

However, if you give people enough free time, and offer some financial support, people start creating and sharing things, and any interference with that just gets drowned out by what’s new and cool. It encourages participation.

We should see this human behavior of staying home as a shift towards that which feels most natural

People want to stay home to create. They don’t want to be workers in a hive. Celebrate creation. Celebrate time with family. Celebrate your elders. Celebrate your children.

Celebrate the President

Thank him for all that he does by sacrificing time that he could be spending with his family. He is a noble man. No one can take that from him. And he’s a damn good father. I don’t care what anyone says. You lose your daughter and wife in a car accident — and most men would hang it up right there and be done with life. President Biden goes to work every day for everyone to improve.

This is on us now

There must be a relaxing of tensions. And there must be more concentration on truth. Truth isn’t outside anyone. I cannot be found. It is born from within, seen through your loving service. Share it.

Love one another. See humanity in one other. Let this be the number one thing that you see over all else. Be humble. Listen. Each and every human is your own reflection. Every human being is your family.



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