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Change Becomes You

Leaves That You Can Eat From Your Own Backyard

Let food shortages push your tastebuds and tummies outdoors like never before…and save.

Sometimes life’s challenges force you to think unexpected thoughts. That’s what happened to me last week. Hearing the dire news of the day, including how food prices have soared a whopping 11.9% currently, I turned my attention from my television to my window and surveyed the vast forest that encircles my home. “I wonder what I could eat in a pinch?”, I thought to myself, “given things really go awry?”

Then it struck me fully how bountiful that forrest just might be if I did a little digging and found out which trees could actually become my salad, veggies, and saving grace and which ones would kill me upon placing in my mouth. And so it began, the journey I never expected to take.

My curiosity getting the better of me, I didn’t leave my inquisitiveness to the trees only. I decided to research the greenery in my garden as well, looking for answers from plants that I normally cast away after pulling fully grown delicacies from them. “Could I be eating more of these?” I thought to myself. The answer was, Yes!

In my effort to share the wealth and expand my readers’ knowledge in the same way that I’ve been doing my own, the following are some leaves from plants and trees that, like me, you never knew you could eat before:

  1. Green pepper leaves after cooking;
  2. Cucumber leaves and stems;
  3. Carrot leaves;
  4. Squash leaves;
  5. Beet leaves;
  6. Mulberry tree leaves;
  7. Maple tree leaves;
  8. Birch tree leaves;
  9. Sassafras tree leaves;
  10. Willow tree leaves.

I would recommend that you read the following two articles to familiarize yourself with more culinary options available to you that you never thought about while maintaining your personal safety in the doing:

Are Tree Leaves Edible? Can You Eat Them? These 10 Are

Secondary Edible Parts of Vegetables

But now that I have you thinking, I recommend that you don’t stop there given the continuous cautioning over food shortages. There are so many more plants that you can add to your menu that you’ve taken for granted or even called nuisances up to this point, such as Dandelions, Violets, Daisies, and Primroses. One person’s floral arrangement is another person’s side dish today, it seems.

Needless to say, you will never see the weeds that fill the cracks of your front porch and the leaves that will cover your driveway soon in the same way again. “Necessity” has always been and will always be “the mother of invention” especially when you are hungry. So expand your thinking and your fare in ways that save you money, rid you of fear, and show true appreciation for the smorgasbord growing around you.



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