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Change Becomes You

Mental Illness is a State of Being, Not a Permanent Fixture

Meanwhile the DSM gets hailed as the ‘Bible of Psychiatry’ to push psychotropic medication on vulnerable populations.

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Let’s discuss the total error that is mental illness

I imagine the knee-jerk reaction you may be having. It made me angry too, listening to a similar discourse back in 2001. It came from Dr. Brian Ackerman during his History and Systems in Psychology course at University of Delaware. He explained that the Diagnostic Statistical Model of Mental Disorders was erroneously founded on a medical model. That disease in the mind was nothing more than a personal decision to be in a state of imbalance with peak experience.

The decision to be mentally ill is a conscious decision based on the thoughts you choose to entertain

I discuss this topic often. Everything we see and experience is first based on thought. Thoughts give form to things.

Dis-ease is a ‘lack of ease’ — expressed through behavior

To claim that the reason why you’re sad is because of a pathogen that permanently resides in your brain, is complete and total foolishness. It is fantasy. It is such a grave mistake to believe this, as it shall imprison your mind and body.

If you think about having mental illness, it will become a fixture in your life

For some, illness is everything. It enables someone to use endless excuses to remain in a comfort zone that has nothing to do with personal happiness. It’s a slow, miserable death delivered upon you through your own thought patterns.

There is no physical pathogen that causes mental illnesses

Show me the ADHD bug. How about the one for PTSD? Show me the pathogen for Depression. Perhaps you can show me one for Anxiety? Until you do that, there is no way to base the DSM-V off of a medical model. It is based 100% on speculation and subjective behavioral observation.

The only way for medical professionals to diagnose mental illness is to throw out all objective data and rely 100% on behavioral observation

Of course you can run tests, check the neural pathways for evidence of degradation, but you won’t find a bug running around that’s wreaking havoc on your synapses. Not with any of the 300+ diagnoses that are in the DSM-V that are used for prescribing psychotropic medication.

A true medical model identifies pathogens that are responsible for illness

Like COVID. It’s a virus that causes a mutated form of the flu, thanks to gain of function research:

There are only a few bugs that cause the brain to disintegrate physically and that’s because there are actual bugs eating the brain. Like in the case of advanced Syphilis, the person has already worn the mind and body thin through repeated exposure to negative thoughts. The bug handles the rest.

What about chemical imbalances?

To which I ask: Who made your chemical imbalance happen?

Your external world? Your best friend who let you down? Your neighbor? The one who cut you off on the highway? Your significant other? A sibling? Your spouse? Parents? Children? Perhaps it was from a lack of love? Maybe it was from endless nights of binge drinking at frat parties. Or poor choice of diet.

You’re mentally ill because you have alcoholism in your family, right? Just couldn’t help drinking? Must be some reason for your endless days of drug abuse. I suppose it could be attributable to cell phone addiction. It’s the reason you can’t sleep well anymore. Nothing but drugs seem to have any effect. Even prescription drugs make you feel sick.

The doctors will listen to your diatribe against the world and agree that you have problems. Most doctors are enablers because they get kickbacks for prescribing psychotropic medication.

The bottom line is — not a single one of the potential causes of mental illness in question are tied to an actual pathogen that is responsible for said ‘dis-ease’. All of these ‘causes’ are environmental. Ecological. And the source of all the pain and suffering and confusion is a result of your unorganized thought.

The more you think your thought is out of your own control because you have a permanent mental illness — the faster this reality will set up shop, and literally bulldoze happiness out of your life.

The DSM has you covered as far as making you believe you have a permanent medical condition

And the government will subsidize the cost to consume psychotropic medication. The Diagnostic Statistical Manual is what doctors with prescription power use to assign permanent negative fixtures to your life — in the form of mental disease. The government offers a discount on your drugs so that you become dependent upon them. For life.

The DSM is the same manual that diagnosed homosexuality as a mental disorder

It was removed in 1972’s Second Edition. This is the same publication that the American Psychological Association calls the “Bible of Psychiatry”.

The Third Edition of the DSM introduced disorders specifically geared toward children and adolescents. Because it was about to become a multi-billion dollar business.

Of course parents knew no better. Doctors were perceived as god. So parents listened and put their children on medication that caused severe hallucinations and horrible physical side-effects. Doses given to children were the same amounts prescribed to adults.

So, what is the DSM saying, exactly? That mental illness in children didn’t exist before 1968? Suddenly a pathogen appeared that was the cause?

Racism was also being considered as a mental disease in the DSM’s second revision. I’d like to see the pathogen for this. I could make a lot of money from eradicating it. You can check out all the details here. It’s mind blowing.

The DSM is near impossible to read

It’s designed this way, so that no one will question it, not even the specialists with prescription power. It’s based on nothing but having to meet subjective criteria, which is left to the one with prescription power to decide.

There is no pathogen in the brain that causes a ‘dis-ease’ like Attention Deficit Disorder. Big Pharma had to convince their new team of drug dealers (aka doctors with a script pad) that this was legitimately based on a medical model.

The way to do this is to take doctors out for lunches, and offer other kickbacks for pushing the drugs.

Mental Illness is prescribed with the assumption that the ‘dis-ease’ stays with you forever

Until you die. Then dis-ease magically goes away. You won’t see any bugs responsible for your death scurrying out of your orifices. There was no pathogen. Your death was made to order by thought. Facilitated by doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Well what about COVID?

COVID is a form of flu virus. Highly contagious, mutative pathogen. With a 1% mortality rate that increases with older adults. Can be identified under a high-powered microscope. It is a real bug. Identified scientifically. There is a cause and effect. You get COVID, and you experience symptoms. You lose your sense of taste and smell. COVID is, for all intents and purposes, a pathogen.

COVID isn’t something that the APA thought up, and stuck it into the DSM with the hopes that doctors will start prescribing psychotropic medication to combat it. No. COVID is a virus.

Healing from a virus requires one thing only — time

That’s it. Once it is manifest and introduced to your body, you must deal with it. Time will cure it, especially if you’re thinking about being healthy instead of dying. Doesn’t matter if COVID was introduced to you in a vaccine, or through airborne infection. You will experience symptoms, and build up anti-bodies so that it doesn’t happen again. As a result, repeat infections are uncommon.

At least until next flu season. Then there will be a variant, as there has always been, every year it comes around in a peak in November, then it wanes, and returns in March. At least in the Northern Hemisphere, the flu is seasonal and it follows cold season, when the immune system is most compromised due to sudden fluctuations in temperature.

In Summary

If you wish to be a victim of external circumstances and use mental illness as an excuse to make your life and the life of others miserable, just know this type of behavior supports Big Pharma. At the same time it relinquishes all power you once had over your life to companies that don’t care about you. To them, you are a consumer. Money is more important to them than the well-being of humanity.

Here’s a meditation that will keep you healthy

While you reconstruct your mind to serve your body, and keep it perfect for a very, long, time.

Remember this affirmation:

I am perfect health, I am.

Anytime someone tells you otherwise, reject it — do not entertain it. It will not serve you. Return to this affirmation.

Think well. Feel well. Live well.



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