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Change Becomes You

No, Craving Sweets After a Meal Isn’t “All In My Head”!

How I solved this appetite conundrum.

If you are like me, you need something sweet after every meal but especially dinner. For years, I was frustrated by this behavior, which led me to read just about everything that I could get my hands on regarding how I might circumvent succumbing to these cravings. But alas, nothing worked — not even all of the scientific reasoning and just plain explanations giving rise to my plight.

From ‘force of habit’ to “reactive hypoglycemia” and everything inbetween, none of it made any difference in my need for a piece of chocolate post my main dish…even if I felt stuffed to the brim already. My craving didn’t care and so forcebly pushed me, I found the space anyway.

During moments when I was disgusted with my own weakness in this regard, I’d implement tricks into my routine in order to waylay my need for a bowl of ice cream after my healthy salad at lunch. I tried drinking something warm or swallowing a tablespoon full of honey following my meal. Neither optimally satiated me. Sucking on a lemon candy, drinking juice while eating or consuming a frozen banana did nothing either.

Those actions only made me feel cheated, annoyed, and needing my sweet treat even more. I would then berate myself for not having what my mind and body was calling for in the first place. Such tricks wouldn’t cut-it.

Then it happened. The solution to my dilemma popped into my head one evening while walking along the coast of Barcelona, Spain. It was there that I hacked my thinking with regards to dessert, changing the definition in my head and life. And I haven’t had a problem since.

You see, I realized that my biggest impediment to solving my dessert craving was the manner in which I was defining dessert. I saw dessert as an add-on to my meal, less important than the rest. But what if I changed that? “What if I looked at dessert as an important part of my meal overall, another pertinent side dish no different than my vegetable or rice? Would that new framing solve my anxiety and satiate my craving legitimately and fully?”

The answer was “Yes.” So that is what I decided to do. I switched my thinking about dessert, reframing it as just as important as every other part of my plate. In that, I created and kept open space for it from the very first bite of my dinner or lunch or even breakfast.

Ironically, in doing this, my cravings became much less intense and more in control. Which doesn’t mean that my sweet tooth evaporated into mid-air. It means that my mind-hack put dessert in its proper place to manage my cravings for me.

It really works. And as I know that so many of you can relate, I’m hoping you will consider doing the same. Reframing dessert may be simple, but the impact is huge on every meal and your life. Never dread having dessert again!



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Laura Wellington

Laura Wellington

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