Change Becomes You
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Change Becomes You

Rewire Your Thoughts, Reframe Your Mindset

How you can reduce COVID-19 anxiety using conscious awareness.

Image by Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay

We live in a frightening time. We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that we never saw coming, and certainly weren’t prepared for. Many of us stay awake all night wondering, “What is going to happen next?”

The anxiety that comes from coronavirus is natural, or course, but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. But we can assuage our anxiety by reframing negative thoughts and embracing gratitude. After all, trials can make us resilient, if we let them.

Right now it might feel hard to stay positive, but with the right frame of mind, and a little guided perspective, you can reduce anxiety and find light in dark times.

Here’s the truth…and I know a lot of you are learning this right now. In order to get better you have to lean into the discomfort…those are the first steps to making change. We are energy creating beings. Every thought we think creates energy. We can choose energy that fosters fear and powerlessness or we can choose energy that cultivates joy and gratitude.

Gratitude is a healing energy. When you move into gratitude, you instantly move things into your energy that you can become more grateful for. The faster I come into gratitude the better I feel. Now when I feel fear, I don’t stay there. It isn’t worth it. And if you’re honest there’s not much you can really control. So what can I learn during this challenge, what can I be grateful for during this trial?

I believe that when you rewire your thoughts and change your narrative, you can change your life. Science has proven that our beliefs determine 95% of our decision-making. Did you know most of these beliefs are in our subconscious? Did you know the subconscious is like a minefield of complex emotion that responds to either negative or positive stimuli? And, did you know you can rewire it and clear a safe path through the negative thoughts to a new place of expanded potential?

Some of your current anxiety is stemming from habitual thoughts that will bring habitual actions and keep you stuck in a holding pattern. If you’re feeling stuck and worried that you might not be able to breakthrough, it’s time to change your narrative by changing your mindset.

Conscious awareness, energy psychology, and mindfulness and meditation can be extremely effective in helping you break free from fear and anxiety and build resilience. And if you’re searching for happiness, I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you: happiness comes from the inside. Internal happiness is the most important happiness you can experience. It’s sustainable. And it doesn’t depend on your circumstances; instead, it can be found in your own pursuit of well-being.

I have found with my own experiences and the experiences of my clients that the long-lasting change of subconscious beliefs can have a huge impact on fear, positivity, spirituality, and mental health.




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