The #1 Thing People Neglect to Do After a Painful Fight

It makes a huge difference.

Change Becomes You


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Yes, I overreacted

I will be the first to say that I overreacted.

It was the latest incident of a long painful pattern that solely shifted form, but had remained the same… An agonizing block in our ability to deepen a relationship we both felt we couldn’t pull away from for long.

Logically, I understood why I was upset in the situation. But this incident threw me over the edge. Why did I feel so intensely upset this time?

That evening when I left his side, I was shaken. Not just by what had transpired to upset me so deeply, but I didn’t like how I had handled it.

I could excuse it. I could defend my actions. I could explain it away later with friends as I slyly slide the blame to him — part of which was justified.

But I had pulled the trigger far too quickly that night and the punishment did not fit the crime.

I was in the wrong.

I did not sleep well that night as I floated in a sleepless pool of regret and shame.

In the morning, I sent a message.

I told him that I was unsettled by how I had handled things the night prior. I said I would be…