The Best Option Is the One that Gives You the Most Options

As hard as it is to take.

Change Becomes You
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4 min readOct 6, 2023


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So, two things have happened to me recently.

It’s been a year since I boldly decided to leave my former employer in Hong Kong and divert to Singapore.

Since then, I haven’t tried to make much happen. Instead, I’ve taken the time to concentrate on reforming my inner world.

Still, I’ve kept my ear close to the ground on the off chance a job should avail itself.

Not because I necessarily want to continue with my aviation career (and I certainly intended to take time off) but because I want to keep my options open.

I didn’t/don’t want to limit myself.

I’ve also been cognisant that the last two years of my career during covid heavily tainted my whole experience. It was fundamentally a different job from the one I had initially fallen in love with.

Finally, there’s the small matter of money. It turns out there is a debt to be paid when taking an existential midlife gap year. Singapore also happens to be one very expensive lady to please!

So, while I was unsure about any potential return to the air, I sent out my CV whenever an opportunity made itself known. Just to see if any fish took the bait.

I figured it would, at the very least, be interview experience. I wouldn’t have to accept anything if I didn’t want to.

But I heard nothing. Not a peep. Nada. Zip.

Singapore — for reasons unbeknownst to me — makes it nearly impossible for partners on dependant passes to get a job. The airlines here are also very committed to keeping things “in-house.”

I assumed this was the universe telling me to pursue a second career in psychology. Go for it, the Gods said. What have you got to lose?

Nothing is the answer. So I did!

As many of you well know, I want to help people who have suffered as I have. I want to gain the skills necessary to help those suffering under the weight of all things.

With this vision in mind, I went to work. I did a huge amount of research into various courses before applying to several degrees…



Change Becomes You

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