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Change Becomes You

The Greatest Opportunity In History

We live in an attention economy that destroys many young adults’ lives.

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We live in an attention economy that destroys many young adults' lives.

The skills to perform in-depth work have become increasingly rare and valuable in the global economy.

Consequently, the few people who develop this ability and embrace it as the core of their personality and are able to integrate it into their working lives, are bound to flourish.

That is without a doubt the greatest opportunity in history.

I meet young adults every day, and it is not the smartest that thrive and get good grades or become successful by society's standards.

It is without the ones who learn to focus in the most distracted time in human history.

For most of my students, it is almost impossible to remain focused on a single task for more than a few minutes at a time.

With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction:

—Sleep and rest create more energy and focus.

— Less scrolling creates more physical and psychological potential

— Nutrient-rich foods leads to improved health

— Exercise lowers the risk of diseases

This list is, of course, much longer, but my point is that there is a clear trend among young adults — The average is over, The middle class is gone.

I am among the select few thriving, or I am like most distracted, unhealthy and overweight, and struggling.

Most are struggling and destroying their mental and physical and health.

It breaks my heart, which is one of the reasons I started the non-profit website

While most of the world is becoming increasingly distracted, a select few capitalize on this fact and leave everyone else behind.

In the book, The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America, Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld argues that most successful people control their impulses and have an implicit sense of inferiority.

Although these people may be confident, they are still unsure of themselves.

I see it in a few of my students and the people I coach.

It is like they are preprogrammed to constantly push themselves to develop more and more, no matter how successful they become.

They are rarely satisfied with what they have and strive for more, not in a negative way, but rather as a way of earning their self-confidence.

I can relate to that.

These are precisely the qualities that most employers seek in today's economy because they are so rare.

Most employers I talk to say that a few people can control their impulses, and most live for the moment.

True self-confidence is earned, It is earned by doing hard things and creating value for others

Not by wishing for success. Meta-analytic research confirms this over and over again.

True confidence comes when you consistently get through things that suck.

The longer I sit with the boredom, pain, and discomfort — and create something meaningful, the more confident and successful I will become.

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I am rewarded for the work I accomplishNot the promises I make

According to The New Yorker, the self-esteem movement has resulted in the obsession with selfies (and "self") that plagues us today.

The notion was that we would free ourselves from all types of social problems by believing that we were unique and unforgettable.

I call bullshit — again.

Schoolwork and work are difficult activities.

Writing this article is brutal; I think in Spanish and speak Swedish every day.

At the beginning of every article, my brain struggles to remain focused, and suddenly I want to quit.

Then I think about the saying:

Age wrinkles the body, Quitting wrinkles the soul

I sit with the discomfort for a while and realize that all good things that "suck" at the beginning, only make me stronger in the end, and I no longer want to quit.

I feel uncomfortable at the moment, and I accept that no one is coming to save me.

Creating deep and committed relationships is virtually impossible in this age of ghosting and blocking

If I want to be happy, I can't block you or ghost you.

The good news is that I can learn to endure the discomfort at the moment to build a life worth living.

If I am stuck, I can challenge myself to pursue specific goals — no matter how long they take.

A" existence doesn't include hard-earned achievements, successes and crushed roadblocks is not satisfying, not in the long run anyway.

I find a profound satisfaction — even excitement — in performing almost anything difficult extremely well.

I experience joy and pride from pushing to a new level or even above a new limit, I didn't think I had in me.

Don't get me wrong, the present is all we have, and I love being present.

A life dedicated only to living in present pleasures and comfort — is most likely not going to produce any authentic or long-lasting satisfaction.

I believe we all need something deeper and more "meaningful than our present satisfaction, to which we can aspire or feel we have contributed in some way, shape, or form.

This is the 13th article in a series of 28 questions I ask myself to live a sustainable life.

I will be publishing one article each week.

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