This “3 Simple Rules” Meme Has a Deeper Message

Maybe it’s not about them — maybe it’s about you.

Change Becomes You


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The message you keep seeing

I first saw it on Instagram. A meme that was simple and clear, the kind that left me silently nodding in agreement because it was dead on accurate. Not to mention, solid common sense.

And so I scrolled on.

The next day I saw it again. Two days later, again.

The third time I saw it, I paused. The first line in it was speaking to me rather strongly in that particular moment.

Love needs action.

That day I was feeling a bit slighted by a dear friend over a decision that had me feeling neglected and unvalued. I wasn’t feeling loved based on the actions I was seeing.

So when I saw that meme again, I bitterly scrolled past it to happier things.

I did not want to deal with that situation.

A few days later, my feelings with the situation with my neglectful friend had escalated — and I thought about that meme.

And that’s when the meaning started to change for me.

How did you interpret it?