Change Becomes You
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Change Becomes You

To Live a Fulfilling Life, Purpose Is Necessary. Have You Chosen Yours?

Fulfillment is the by-product of serving a life purpose.

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Imagine you appear on a kayak in the middle of a misty lake. You don’t know why you are there. You don’t know if you got there or whether you just appeared there. There’s nobody to ask.

What do you do?

Some people just wait there for something to happen. Someone to find them.

Others start looking around to find the most appropriate shore. “There is a forest I see on that side and is this a small village on the other side? Why is it so misty?” They then start rowing steadily towards a direction.

It’s not certain that they will arrive. But they do consistent efforts to get to the place they chose. On the way they will change their mind and sometimes wander without purpose. Other times they will have to adjust their course. They row, steadily.

To find the destination ask “What will I be doing on a Tuesday ten years from now?”

“I don’t know. I live by the day. I don’t plan. In ten years, we might all be dead.”


“I have woken up next to my future partner and I prepare breakfast for both of us. I have scheduled some work calls, but I don’t work full-time. In the afternoon, I take time for exercising and writing and in the evening, I work in the mushrooms farm that I owe with my partner and two friends. We then have dinner, and we play board games.”

The more in detail we visualise ourselves in ten years, the clearer the destination — though this is not enough either. Being consistent in our rowing is what gets us there.

If we don’t row at all, we won’t get anywhere — certainly not anywhere we chose.




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