What a Man with Strong Principles Looks Like

Even when all eyes are on him.

Change Becomes You


Image by Ashley Landis, Pool/AP Images

Jonathan Isaac remained standing

In a 2020 basketball game against the Brooklyn Nets, Jonathan Isaac was the only player to stand during the U.S. national anthem.

I won’t get into the reason why the players were kneeling, nor Isaac’s explanation for why he remained standing. That’s beside the point.

The point is that Jonathan Isaac felt so strongly about his decision to stand during the anthem that he did so, even though every player in the room took a knee.

By standing he showed that he was above going along with others simply to avoid causing any trouble.

He knew what he stood for and was unshakeable in his stance.

This reflects a specific character trait that I find extremely admirable.

He was not going to be swayed into acting against what he knew was right for him.

I don’t see this enough.

And I want to see more of that today.

I hear this all the time now