Why Tiny Acts of Success Are So Powerful

And how they can quickly shift someone’s negative energy.

Change Becomes You


“Do you need a hug?”

The first time I saw him I could tell something terrible had just happened. I was nestled within a pack of people about to board a plane to Phoenix when he stormed past me, with a look that said his entire day had just been ruined.

I didn’t think much at first, perhaps he had lost his phone before boarding or was kicked off the plane for arguing with a flight attendant.

I had a bigger problem to worry about.

I stared down at the carry-on suitcase at my side and felt a flash of anxiety.

It was packed full. Felt heavier than usual.

I knew I couldn’t lift it into the overhead compartment. I could try, but history had proven that my attempt would not go well… wide-eyed passengers below would be staring as I struggled, rightfully terrified I was going to drop the suitcase onto them (I’ve had several close calls), while others ignored me so they wouldn’t have to get up to help.

I’m a pretty self-sufficient woman, but I have the arms of Kermit the Frog and my workouts consist of dancing and hot yoga where I skip the hard parts.