About Change Climate Change

What you can expect to find here

On “Change Climate Change” we will publish:

  • Articles helping to disseminate scientific facts about Climate Change.
  • Guides about what we, as private citizens, can do to change our daily impact.
  • Guidelines to follow to exert the maximum exposure of these facts to the public and to the governments.
  • Pieces about the Environment in general.
  • Articles about the impact of pollution in our daily lives.
  • We want to be clear about these points, but respectful towards everyone.

This is the first version of the “About” section, if you will come here at a later time, you will possibly find a more in-depth guide.

Please do follow this publication, you might discover that information is more important than you think ;)

Change Climate Change

Change Climate Change

RafDouglas C. Tommasi

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Change Climate Change

Change Climate Change

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