A Microscopic Threat for Our Health and the Environment

There is one thing we do every day, which endangers our species.

Source: bottleandheels

There is a side effect of a side effect. Microplastics.

The Life spans of Pollutants

Let me get this straight: through Greenhouse Gases we are not endangering the Earth as a planet.

We are “just” endangering our existence as humankind.

The life span of plastics

Most plastic we used during our lives will outlive us.

Even more frightening, plastics that we produce will be IN us for a very long time.

How long does it take to be completely gone? The Plastic Garbage Project

We call these tiny plastics particles “microplastics”.

But when I open a tuna can, I am painfully aware that there is more in it that I would like to eat.

The Floating Plastics Islands

Image: alana olendorf eport
Some perspective on the Gyres (Source: Greenpeace)

Not everything is lost.

As we were able to invert the trend of the Ozone hole in the Nineties, there is hope that we will be able to stop, or to be more realistic, to contain, this dramatic impact.

A rendering of the upcoming pilot deployments laid down by the Ocean Cleanup Project.

What we can do

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