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beauty holds within its boundaries a certain amount of pain

under a mountain of venues that morality asks us to hold.

vanity breeds not far from greed and jealousy — nouns all knit closely together

with satiability and success, fulfillment and happiness.

but beauty. . .

beauty is admired and may come from

anyone’s heart; seen in anyone’s soul.

kindred spirits know that beauty bleeds pain

and they admire and shelter it from the weak and the vain

so that at last it’s revealed to ones who suffer to see

that beauty is kindness

and kindness is free.

— daria dechange




all that you touch you change. all that you change changes you. the only lasting truth is change. god is change.” ― octavia e. butler

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Daria Benedict

Daria Benedict

Writer. Lover. Pianist. Activist. Singer. Rapper. Philosopher. Digital Strategist. Marketer. Passionate producer of ideas that change the world. @dariaofchange

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