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This April 8 solar eclipse delivers the most powerful lunar energy of the year. Its impact will be deeply felt for the next two weeks. It also shapes our lives for months to come.

composite image of the eclipse over the South Pacific Ocean

To mark this momentous shift here are some stunning images of the eclipse from around the world — real, generated and manipulated.

live streaming recos from Smithsonian Magazine — Don McCrady at Flickr

This eclipse marks the opening of a new chapter — as it brings events of the past six months to a close, we leave behind experiences, patterns, and energies to move into the next six month phase.

Eclipses stir up a surge of emotional energy — heightening our sensitivities, which can leave us feeling both exhilarated and unsettled.

skies darken across the Americas

As cosmic energies shift, our emotions and thoughts also flow and fluctuate in response to the eclipse’s turbulence.

It’s common to experience waves of emotion during this time — feelings ebb and flow like tides and celestial cycles of influence.

Statue of Freedom, Capitol Hill, Washington — Alex Brandon for AP

Occasionally emotions intensify unexpectedly — which lead to moments of over stimulation or heightened sensitivity.

It is essential to recognize that this is simply our energy in motion — seeking balance with the heightened incoming energy from the solar eclipse.

over in over crowded NYC — Edge at Hudson Yards, Eduardo Munoz for Reuters

Learn more from Alex Myles at empathplanet.com and Tanaaz Chubb at foreverconscious.com and embrace this cosmic ride.

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