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10 Things You don’t Know About Me is a Fun Distraction from Doing the Other Things on My List Today!

It finally happened, I was tagged in the 10 things you don’t know about me writing challenge.

I’ve loved reading these posts. Over time, our Medium writing becomes predictable and formulaic. This is fun learning more about each other!

But what haven’t I already shared here? Hmmmm.

When I was little I was afraid of UFOs.

I’m not even sure I know how I learned about them. Maybe a TV show? But I’m talking nightmares of UFOs landing in our yard and having symptoms of a panic attack when I saw a flashing light in the night sky.

This is really my first memory of anxiety. I would see a flashing light in the sky and instantly feel weak and nauseous.

And that’s how anxiety has worked in my life. I rarely have racing thoughts, I just get random physical symptoms. A lot of the time I don’t even know what’s triggering it.

In middle school I was faster than all the boys.

I ran 50 yard hurdles in middle school track and field. It was co-ed. I was undefeated, but it was middle school and pre social media, so no one knew it.

I was such a skinny, scrawny little thing that the boys would look at me with a smirk on their faces when they lined up with me at the starting line. Then I would beat them. LOL I never saw their faces after the race.

I never saw my oldest sister again after she moved to the west coast in 1999.

This one’s hard to write about.

My sister and her family moved from New York state to Portland Oregon in 1999. A cascade of events happened that led to me never seeing her again.

They never had the money or desire to visit the East coast. I became a single mom and didn’t have the money or support to travel to the West coast.

Then she got sick with breast cancer, but she kept it a secret until near the end.

She called me to tell me that if I wanted to come visit, I had better do it soon.

I made plans to alternate visits with my other sister and my father, so she could have our help spread out instead of all at once.

My middle sister was the first to travel to visit her. Within 3 days we got another call that her passing was going to be soon.

I drove straight to the airport to get on the next flight. This was pre 9/11 and still in the days of paper tickets and minimal security screening.

I went to the ticketing counter. I got my handful of boarding papers. I went through security. I went to the gate agent and was stopped. The ticketing counter hadn’t given me a ticket, it was only an itinerary.

That was the last flight of the night.

I went back outdoors to the sidewalk to gather my thoughts and make a plan for the next day.

Standing on the sidewalk, my phone rang. My sister had just died.

Whether I had made it onto that flight or not, I would have missed her.

I’ve never been arrested (yet).

I used to half tease that I’d be arrested one day for fighting to right some wrong.

Now I’m thinking I’d rather NOT be arrested at any time.

But you never know, I’m a fighter and I’ve been known to hit the streets occasionally….

I’m a slalom water skier.

If you’ve never seen that before, it means I waterski on one ski and get pulled through a course of buoys.

The aim is to ski around the outside of all 6 buoys. It’s quite a bit different from the 2 ski recreational skiing families do on summer vacations and at summer camp.

I didn’t learn until I was 43 years old, so there’s proof it’s never too late to start something new.

Just last weekend I had a personal best in the course with a clean pass of all 6 buoys at a faster speed!

For lack of a better word, I’ve had a few mystical experiences…

I was told I’d get a small back dog years before I got her.

I was getting a massage once, and the therapist asked if I had a little black dog. I didn’t even like dogs at the time and I had never had one as a pet.

She said, “well I see a small black dog and she’s looking to join your soul family. She has a habit of getting on her hind legs and looking through the door window.”

Guess what I got several years later?

Yep, my little black dog, Bunny.

Our connection was so strong, I still can cry for missing her. She passed on about a year ago.

I was told I’d meet my husband years before I met him.

I was at a workshop called Silva Ultramind. They used to call it Silva Mind Control but that title got some eyebrows raising.

Another woman at the workshop told me she saw my future husband. She went on to describe how he loves the water and is in the water all the time, and that he lives in flip flops. She described a habit he has of running his fingers through his hair.

About three years later we met! And there is no mistaking he’s the guy she was talking about.

Even in Maine in the winter, he’s still wearing his flip flops.

I think I’m currently haunting my family’s old house.

I have really great memories of spending time in my grandparent’s home in Rhinebeck, NY. Rhinebeck is this lovely small town with streets lined with Victorian homes.

We didn’t spend a lot of time there growing up, but it’s where I would see all my cousins from my mom’s side of the family.

After my grandparents passed away, my mom moved back into the home. That’s when I really spent most my time there.

It’s a cool old Victorian home. And we all knew it had ghosts. We’d all heard them at night walking down the stairs and pacing in the hallways.

We sold that family home many many years ago, but I still have a recurring dream of that house. In the dream, I’m walking through the hallways and looking into the separate rooms.

Usually I’m either feeling a sense of loss and sadness for the home, or I’m feeling a sense of entitlement and wonder at being back in it.

“This is my home!”

Well, one day it dawned on me that maybe I’m the ghost that’s currently haunting that house for it’s owners today.

I’m sorry new owners, I don’t mean to disturb you, I just love that house and sometimes my dreams take me back there!

Most the people in my family don’t get gray hair.

It runs on the paternal side.

My dad, his brother and their dad all have or had very little gray. Even in his 90s, my grandfather had very little gray and people didn’t believe he didn’t dye his hair.

I’ve never had a gray, and I hope that trend keeps going!

I didn’t know the hardest part about being a parent would come after my kids moved out of the house.

Some of the years parenting were really challenging. I didn’t have any family within 200 miles, and I was a single mom for several years.

There were times I thought I couldn’t wait for the kids to move out and go to college.

Now that they’ve done that, it feels so quiet! It’s the only time of my parenting years that I’ve looked back and longed just a bit for the past.

Well that’s it for now! Clearly I think too much about things. I guess I could have left this simple, like “I had a cat named Gucci”, but I used the time to really reflect on ten points of my life that helped to form who I am today.

Thanks to Bride In Reverse for tagging me. Is there anyone left to tag? I’d love to learn more about Tom Kuegler, Nicole Akers, Victor Ha 🇸🇬, and Andy Smallman.




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