4 Easy (And Fun) Feel-Good Experiments to Improve Your Week

For the health of your wellbeing & relationships, read up.

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Happy Monday to you!

I’m feeling supes creative and inspired today, so I’m taking full advantage by writing my fingers off in the hopes it gives you motivation to have a better day than yesterday.

Here is this week’s roundup showcasing THE BEST OF in Mental Health + Motherhood + Fashion + Identity. I hope you enjoy.

Mental Health

I’m implementing a “Today I’m Feeling — For The Health of My Marriage” experiment with my husband, due to us not being the best communicators with each other these past few weeks. Because talking about feelings and emotions is my forte, I’m pretty hopeful for the outcome of this. And, as always, I will let you know how it goes so you can apply it to your own relationship if you wish.

While we can blame our lack of prioritizing the relationship we have with our partners on stresses from work, exhaustion from parenting, and the typical overwhelm of life, doing so isn’t productive — it isn’t only harmful to our marriages, but it’s damaging to our mental health and wellbeing, as well.

The experiment: I’m going to recap my thoughts of the day, first in my notes, and then out loud to my husband, with the goal of getting my husband to better understand me. He then will reciprocate, so together, we can better understand one another.

This way, there is no room for misunderstandings or miscommunications — or the infamous, “You never told me that!”

If you want specifics, today’s is going to look something like this:

Today I’m Feeling…

  • Relieved we aren’t buying a house right now.
  • Frustrated my story pitches haven’t gotten picked up yet.
  • Appreciated by my client who continues to believe in my work.
  • Grateful for my healthy pregnancy.
  • Excited about my future clothing brand.
  • Happy that we are taking time to work on our relationship.

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It’s easy to complain about the laundry, the dishes, the toys scattered about, the crumbs on the table, and everything else that makes our home lives seem like capital W Work.

The experiment: Put yourself in your child’s shoes this week. We get so caught up in the stress of our own lives that we forget our kids have stress, too. Maybe they got their feelings hurt at school. Maybe they aren’t feeling as appreciated as they could be at home. Maybe all they need is for us to pay closer attention to them without getting distracted by cleaning, work, emails, etc.

Semi-related read from NYT Parenting on how to be a better mom to your kids by taking care of your body and mind, first: How Food Traditions Nourish New Moms


In light of the several, fabulous fashion weeks happening around the world these past few weeks, I’ve been getting serious style inspiration — and hope there is a light at the end of the Covid tunnel, which will lead us to a greater, bolder way of life than we could have ever imagined.

The theme from many designers showcasing their vibrant, patterned and (best of all) hopeful collections? They believe we WILL GO OUT AGAIN — and in a big way.

This is incredibly cheerful news to all fashion lovers, and to anyone (everyone?) who can’t wait to get back to the good life of street festivals, restaurant outings, porch parties, baseball games, and events for a good cause.

All of that said, this feel-good experiment is based upon one simple question: What is your power color?

The experiment: Wear a different color every day this week, documenting how you felt when wearing it, how your mood changed, and how your actions and behavior toward others shifted.

Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash


Your vibe attracts your tribe.

You’ve heard this, you know this, and now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Translation? Stop second-guessing that business idea you’ve been mulling over for the past year. Stop ruminating on all the ways you could fail, or be laughed at, or critiqued. Color your hair purple because you feel like it. Get a tattoo. Ask the woman you met last week out for a friend date without feeling insecure before you hit send.

These are all just examples — examples to feel more alive, more free, less boring, and less uptight. If you aren’t being true to yourself, you aren’t being fair to you, to the people you love, and to your future (we get you!) tribe.

The experiment: In the realm of trying something new (be it a workout, a business venture, a volunteer effort, a simple ask to a stranger, etc.), JUST DO IT. No second-guessing yourself. No thinking of all the ways it could go wrong. Just go for it, without hesitation, and see what happens.

Takeaways from this issue:

  1. Prioritize your relationships — with your husband/wife/partner, and with yourself. Keep in mind: This shouldn’t be looked at as daunting! It can (and should) be fun.
  2. Give your kiddies some slack this week. They’re going through hard things, too.
  3. Experience the feel-goodness brought on by wearing color. This can be with makeup, shoes, hats, and other accessories, too. Find your power color.
  4. Be who you want to be, and do what you want to do, no matter what anyone else says. I have found the best opportunities to come from being fearless. Give it a whirl.

Thank you for reading.

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Ashley is a writer based in Connecticut, currently working on a memoir focusing on the becoming-a-mom identity crisis. She is an advocate for mental health, on a hard mission to show people the incredible power that dressing up has on your mindset.

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