4 Great Ways to Ditch Your Ego to Find Happiness

I realized I was unhappy because my ego was unhappy.

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Does our ego make us suffer?

Can we overcome our ego?

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General ways to ditch your ego

  • focus on servicing others
  • list reasons to be grateful
  • meditate & be present
  • let go of grudges
  • let go of control
  • let go of materialism
  • spend time in nature
  • appreciate simple things
  • learn more about world issues
  • compliment others
  • read more
  • exercise often
  • socialize more with great energy
  • repeat self-love affirmations daily

4 Great Ways To Ditch Your Ego

(1) Let go of materialism

(2) Meditate daily

(3 )Focus on doing service for others

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(4) Don’t hold grudges and let go of control



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