4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

Your house isn’t the only thing that needs Spring Cleaning

Photo by Gábor Juhász on Unsplash

Spring has sprung, which means we are ready to climb out of our hibernation holes and get out into the big bad world.

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I thought it would be wise to remind ourselves of how to fully enjoy this season of purple tulips and evening glasses of Rosé, simply because sometimes we need reminding.

Whether you’ve got a case of the Springtime Blues or are rare and ready to get your Spring socializing on, here are four fabulous ways to ensure your mind stays as clear as the Spring blue sky.

Be Selectively Social

There has been a lot of talk lately on “leaving toxic friendships behind” and “surrounding yourselves with good people,” all in the name of wellness.

And there is merit to it.

Hanging out with people who energize you is invigorating — healing, even — while being in the presence of negative people and energy suckers is depleting beyond measure.

Be selectively social in every sense, from your social circles to your emails to your social media channels. Unfollow people (online and in real life) who are filling your brain with negativity, comparison, and plain old junk, and replenish with feel-good people/accounts.

Structure lunch into your day

Do you know why French women look so put together all of the time? It’s because they treat lunch like a sacred ritual. While there are many reasons why the French consistently out-chic us, here we are talking specifically about lunch.

French women don’t “work through lunch” or treat it like it doesn’t matter. Eating lunch is like breathing to the French. They do it so habitually that they don’t need to think about it, it just generates.

When you’re feeling that inevitable afternoon brain fog, shut your laptop, go get some lunch, and SIT DOWN to eat it. Doing so calms the nervous system, allows for better digestion, and fuels your brain to make it through the rest of your day feeling sharp, creative, and satisfied.

Photo by Avrielle Suleiman on Unsplash

Stand up straight

Renowned fitness expert Denise Austin credits great posture as the ultimate wellness hack, and I agree. From better breathing and relieved back pain to improved mood and boosted energy, the health benefits of good posture are plenty.

I have been really intentional lately about employing good posture, and have noticed a positive change not only in my body, but in my behavior.

When you present yourself with your head held high and your shoulders back, you are communicating a high sense of self-worth and confidence.

Slouching, on the other hand, takes physical work and gives off the impression you are sad and have low self-esteem.

Meditate on your future

If you find yourself complaining about how your days are too boring or too chaotic or not fulfilling enough, try meditating on your future.

Set aside 2 minutes every morning where you do nothing but sit on the floor and envision what you want your days to look like — emphasizing how you want to feel in those days.

(If you want to take it to another level, light a candle, close your eyes, and sit in the traditional meditative pose with your legs crossed and your palms up).

What are you wearing? What is the energy like? Who are you spending time with? What needs to happen in order for you to feel alive and excited about your life?

Be as specific as possible with this exercise — from what the fabric your kimono robe feels like on your skin to what the chic restaurant you’re having a glass of celebratory Veuve in looks like.

Thank you for reading.

Ashley is a Connecticut-based writer specializing in mental health. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Well + Good, POPSUGAR, and more. Her mission in life is to make mental health work fun, and believes our weirdness is what makes us great.

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