5 Texting Guidelines I Remind Myself of All The Time


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Dating should be a pleasant experience and yet I can’t help but get extremely anxious during the early phases of a new connection; especially when it comes to texting. Waiting for replies, not knowing what to say or when to approach a conversation, arranging dates. While an astronomical feat in evolutionary technology, the mobile phone is a surefire way to spike my cortisol levels.

That’s why I wanted to share my 5 texting guidelines when developing new connections. Aimed to help reduce our anxiety and just all-around make our dating experience a fraction of a percent better. No games, no manipulative secrets to getting someone to like you, just straight-up facts to nurture yourself and not catch yourself falling into a spiraling black hole of misery. Sounds good? It does to me.

1. Put The Phone Down

Glue hand, the unofficial term for the 5th limb we seem to develop whenever we begin to like somebody. During dating, phone checking seems to become our new hobby. We just need to know if they’ve texted us back or if they’ve checked up on us today.

It’s a well-known fact that mobile phones make us anxious. To put it simply, the human brain just isn’t wired to deal with the sheer amount of information being thrown at us. One moment you’re scrolling aimlessly through…



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