6 Wellness Tips To Boost Your Creativity

From delaying caffeine to legs up meditation, you’ll want to bookmark this one.

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Wellness, previously reserved for the “elite,” has evolved from an unattainable way of living to a necessary means to keeping our mental, physical, and emotional health in check.

You don’t need to have an expendable income to reap the infinite benefits of wellness-y to-dos. Living a well life is about habits, not pricey trends — although if you can swing it now and again, fancy wellness is certainly enjoyable.

Here are 6 habits I have adopted in the realm of *Wellness* that any wellness buff will enjoy

Delay caffeine.

The first thing you should be putting into your body when you wake up is water. Water wakes up your organs and flushes out your stomach, cleaning your system and making you feel refreshed and focused.

If you wake up at 6 am, don’t have a cup of coffee until 8 am. Why?

According to Insider, “Cortisol-derived alertness and concentration tend to peak 30 to 45 minutes after waking up. Therefore, waiting about an hour will give you the ‘true caffeine’ effect.”

Side note: The anticipation of that first cup of coffee makes it taste all the better.

Meditate on your future.

If you haven’t jumped on the meditation bandwagon yet, meditating on your future may be a good place to start.

Pick a time each day, maybe first thing in the morning or right before bed, to dedicate a few minutes to sit down (sans distractions) and think about what you want your life to look like.

It is manifestation at its finest, and when done consistently, it works.

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Meditate with your legs up.

In yoga speak, this is referred to as “Legs Up The Wall” pose. According to Yoga Journal:

“This pose gives blood circulation a gentle boost toward the upper body and head, which creates a pleasant rebalancing after you have been standing or sitting for a long time. If you are stressed, fatigued, or jet-lagged, this pose is especially refreshing.

But its true greatness is that it teaches us experientially that positive results can come from doing less, not more.”

This position calms your nerves, helps quiet the mind, eases headaches, increases circulation, and even improves digestion and sleep.

Put your bare feet on the Earth.

“Grounding,” or “Earthing,” is the act of walking barefoot on the Earth, whether it be sand, dirt or grass.

According to Dr. Lisa Bingham:

“When you walk barefoot on the Earth your body picks up free ions from Earth’s surface that act as antioxidants in your system.”

The benefits of Grounding include: decreased inflammation, less anxiety, improved cortisol levels, more energy, faster wound healing, and enhanced sleep.

No phone 2 hours before bed.

This tip isn’t novel, but there are serious health benefits attached including a better night’s sleep, increased alertness the next morning, and improved cognitive functioning.

Instead of looking at it as something being taken away from you, view it as gaining something new.

Whether that’s picking up a new hobby or spending quality time with your kids or partner, you will be amazed at how much time you have without being attached to a device. And how much more enjoyable life is lived outside of your phone.

Photo by Aikomo Opeyemi on Unsplash

Read to let your mind rest.

While self-help and business books hold their weight in the wellness world, we have to give our brains a break from constant decision-making and strategizing.

Reading for pleasure, aka anything fiction, is an incredible habit to incorporate into your evening wellness routine — perhaps replacing that late-night doom-scroll?

Reading fiction has been used as a form of therapy for centuries, increasing readers’ empathy, imagination, critical thinking, creativity, and mental performance.

Head to your local library and pick up a mix of humor books, fantasy novels, and psychological thrillers. Reading is, and always will be, cool.

Thank you for reading!

Ashley is a Connecticut-based writer specializing in mental health. Her work has been featured in Forbes, POPSUGAR, Well + Good, Modern Mom Probs, and more. Her mission in life is to make mental health work fun, and believes our weirdness is what makes us great.

She is the Mastermind behind Sip Sip, a weekly newsletter dedicated to improving mindset health in fun, creative ways.



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Ashley Alt

Ashley Alt

Life is better when we laugh. I write about the importance of mental health & believe our weirdness is what makes us great. https://ashleyalt.substack.com/