Afraid of a Flareup? Do This NOW

It’ll get you feeling good again.


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If you’ve had chronic pain or symptoms I know you’re probably afraid of a future flareup.

That’s why it’s so important that you create a flareup gameplan right now.

This doesn’t mean you’re assuming you’re going to have a flareup, or that you’re going to get worse instead of better.

Instead, you’re taking a moment to plan out how you’re going to show up in the face of a possible future flareup.

Remember, it was a combination of your thoughts, beliefs, reactions, and wiring that caused the cycle of chronic pain or symptoms to begin with.

And also remember, were not talking about avoiding life to avoid a flareup.

With a flareup gameplan, you’re deciding today how you’re going to be, think, and react in the face of pain or symptoms. That will get you through it much faster.

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