All We Have Are 24 Hours

Not so much, yeah?

Photo by Roselyn Tirado on Unsplash

The sooner you figure out that your life is just 24 hours, the better.

Daily you face a new set of tasks that test you. You’d have to fight through the distractions and indulgences.

The truth is, the world is wired to make you stay average. There’s a big demarcation between the creators and the consumers. But it’s very subtle. You might think you’re a creator because you feel like you’ve created a couple of things, but you can easily get caught up.


Think of how people get stuck consuming informational content, and end up not creating anything (for months). They get the reassurance from the knowledge and belief that all they have to do is to know rather than doing.

How come there are people who keep going to school and are all about getting all the degrees but end up not doing those things they really wanted to do.

Life is truly short.

We wake up, do our routines, and then, it’s night. The next day comes, and the same thing happens.

And this process goes on and on, and then it’s 20 years.

The thing is, many times we look at life as this grand event, where one day, you just magically become this person and your life will change.

You feel like, at some point in your life, you’d just automatically start acting a new way and things will suddenly become as you have always dreamed.

And this is why many times we don’t make changes immediately because we’re waiting for something special to happen. Then when they don’t happen, we get depressed and wonder why life is the way it is.

It’s funny because we are a total of our daily actions. It’s our daily actions that constitute what and who we become.




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