An Intern in My Team Commits Herself to Hard Work & [Solid] Preparation. I Love It.

Want to create a strong positive impression at work? Read on.

Aldric Chen
Change Your Mind Change Your Life


2 co-workers in a discussion at work.
Young and helpful. Helpful and young. Photo by Vitaly Gariev on Unsplash

Ling was on my team 3 months ago.

She supported Joe [my bulldozer Gen X’er] and Isabelle [Princess Gen Z]. It didn’t take long for me to notice her. Yes. She was all-in at work.

Her posture, attitude, enthusiasm, and walking speed were unbelievable.

She got rotated out soon after. We promised her university to prioritize exposure over tasks. Well, we did just that.

You know.

Complain management.

She worked hard to support a client pitch this morning

Ling is currently tied to another sales manager.

This is her final stint before she is done with us. But I don’t feel it. I don’t feel any sense of relief that the corporate dread is finally behind her.


Jason, my peer, asked me to attend the client pitch this morning. He needed support from me because I consult energy and utilities clients.

In his words, you know them.



Aldric Chen
Change Your Mind Change Your Life

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