Balance Your Mind-Body Work, You Can’t Force It

Plus a quiz to determine whether or not your symptoms are from the mind-body circuit.


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When it comes to ending your chronic pain or chronic symptoms, you can’t force it. Instead, the best thing you can do is to balance your mind-body work by breaking it down into small digestible chunks with repetition and regularity.

After that, get out there and live your life in alignment with the new knowledge you have about neural-circuit/mind-body symptoms.

In this video, I mention a quiz to test if your symptoms are from the mind-body circuit. I pasted the quiz beneath the video.⬇️⬇️

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This video is for information purposes only. It is not medical or chiropractic advice nor does it establish a patient-provider relationship. Enjoy and learn!

Here are questions from the assessment I mention in the video:

Answering YES to even one of these questions indicates your symptoms are from the mind-body circuit.

-Symptoms begin without physical injury
-Symptoms persist after an injury has healed (3–6 months or longer)
-Symptoms are in a distribution pattern that is symmetric (right/left symmetry)
-Symptoms occur on one whole side of the body or occur on half of the face, head, or torso
-Symptoms spread over time to different areas of the body
-Symptoms radiate to the opposite side of the body or down a whole leg or arm
-Symptoms that occur in many different body parts at the same time
-Symptoms that have a quality of tingling, electric, burning, numb, hot or cold

-Symptoms shift from one location in the body to another
-Symptoms are more or less depending on the time of day.
-Symptoms occur after, but not during, an activity or exercise
-Symptoms occur or feel worse when you think about them or when someone asks about them.
-Symptoms occur when stresses increase or when you think about stressful situations
-Symptoms are minimal or nonexistent when engaged and joyful or distracting activities, such as being on vacation, enhaging in a hobby, or laughing with friends
-Symptoms are minimal or nonexistent after some kind of therapy, such as massage, chiropractic, Reiki, acupuncture, an herbal or vitamin supplement

-Symptoms are triggered by things that are not related to the actual symptoms, such as foods, smells, sounds, light, computer screens, menses, changes in the weather
-Symptoms are triggered by the anticipation of stress, such as prior to school, work, a doctor’s visit, a medical test, a visit to a relative, or a social gathering; or during those activities
-Symptoms are triggered by simply imagining engaging in the triggering activity such as bending over, turning the neck, sitting or standing
-Symptoms are triggered by light touch or innocuous stimuli, such as the wind or cold, or simple movements



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