Being Open to Possibilities

Creating Change Where You Didn’t Think Change was Possible

“My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities.” Mario Testino

Sometimes we can’t or don’t want to believe that something is possible. This is when I like to create some space for my beliefs to unfold by being open to the possibility of that thing or desire. Let’s test it out here with a few not uncommon situations.

“I am open to the possibility that career changes can happen at any age.”

“I am open to the possibility that my ex and I can collaborate peacefully.”

“I am open to the possibility of living free from back pain.”

“I am open to the possibility that my schedule can flow with ease.”

“I am open to the possibility that this disappointment can lead to good things.”

This process doesn’t have to feel natural. At first it likely will feel strange to say these possibilities aloud. You may even feel as if you want to stomp your feet and resist saying them - after all, we have a lot riding on our deeply held beliefs! But stating an affirmative willingness to be open to the possibility of something can release the floodgates of progress. Health conditions that seemed intractable suddenly seem to dissolve. Situations that seemed intolerable suddenly change. Opportunities unseen before suddenly present themselves.

Test it out on your most strongly held beliefs in any area of your life that feels out of sorts. If it is a situation or a condition that you insist can’t possibly change, that is your key. That is the area that needs you to create a new possibility. Pick something you think is simply outrageous, and see what happens! Take care to be persistent and do not give up. If the material picture doesn’t seem to change right away, just keep meeting it with your new affirmative thought that you are open to the possibility of change. The door will eventually open!

PS — here is a practical tip:

Keep your statements positive and focused on you. Notice that I didn’t say, “I am open to the possibility that my ex won’t be a jerk.”

Create your possibility statements about what YOU want to be true for YOU. I wish you all the best, and please write me to tell me what changed for you!

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