The Best Stock of All Time to Invest In

Which is yourself

Baqsam Behbehani
Change Your Mind Change Your Life
5 min readJul 27, 2021


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It can be painful to see entrepreneurs shift to stock or cryptocurrency markets. Their goals may have been to put out great products and profit as a side effect, but the goal of stocks often seems to be only profit. While the stock market can be studied to increase the likelihood of success, nothing is for sure.

That is why it is best to invest in the best stock of all time, which is not even in the stock market. That stock is yourself.

There are things that have been proven to be worthwhile and profitable, such as writing a psychology book and selling it. While there is luck involved, it’s still highly dependent on your writing skill, your choice of a publisher, and so on. As for the Tesla stock, you unlikely have any control over it.

To write a good psychology book, launch a biodegradable rocket, or create the tastiest vegan cookie, you need to invest in yourself first, which is an investment that needs to infiltrate many aspects of you. Let us explore those aspects to ensure that your self stock is fully invested in.

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How to Invest in Oneself

Optimizing sleep

It all begins with sleep. We need you to sleep enough and sleep right. Invest in a mattress that you find the most comfortable instead of investing in the cheapest mattress or the one that came with the place.

Put that mattress in a dark room that is dedicated for sleep. Make sure that the temperature is optimal for you. Invest in a white noise machine if that helps you.

Either get a normal alarm or use an alarm that factors in your sleep cycle to not wake you up at a bad time. Otherwise, wake up whenever you want if that is what you find optimal for you.

Maximizing nutrition

Long gone are the days of buying the cheapest and tastiest food if you really want to invest in yourself. You can probably rewire your taste buds to appreciate healthy food, such as fruits, and no longer crave bad food, such as cake, assuming you give the transition time.

Assuming you work and like to do it in the first half of the day like most people, eat something that can satiate you without making you feel sluggish. Consider something like a fruit salad or even coffee. Such a light snack can be ingested if you work out before you work as well.

Eat your first big meal after work as you can then afford to be slightly sluggish. You can have a big meal before bed as well, but preferably hours before. Otherwise, your thing may be intermittent fasting, so invest in optimizing that if you need to.

Befriending the doctor

Your primary care physician should be almost like a friend when you consider how often you should see him or her. Try to get a blood and urine test at least once a year to make sure that your self stock is embedded within a body that is running optimally.

Strengthening muscles

Find a workout routine and environment that suit you and stick with them. You may be the type that likes bodyweight exercises at home or full on weights at a hardcore gym. Get the best clothes, earphones, intra-workout beverage, and maybe a trainer or class.

Strengthening the brain muscle

Your brain needs to be nourished just like your muscles. Your brain is likely being stimulated at work. However, we shouldn’t put it to sleep after work, metaphorically speaking. After work, you can consume educational content that is fun or do something like gaming.

About consuming educational content, such as watching shows and movies, try to rewire your brain to enjoy educational content as much as purely fun content, and you’ll likely feel more rewarded watching educational stuff, especially if it’s not outwardly educational, such as a Vsauce video.

Without further ado, get the best television setup with surround sound along with the gaming console of your choice.

Reading, learning languages, and so on are all cognitive enhancers as well, so see what works for you and make sure that your brain is nourished throughout the day without burning out.

Having good friends

This is perhaps the only one on the list that involves other people and needs a bit of luck, but you can turn that luck into likelihood if you put extra effort.

Don’t be afraid to attend a meetup of potentially likeminded people, which is easier if it is a meetup with an activity, like playing pool if you like to do so.

You need people to bounce your ideas off of, and hey, you likely have a lot to offer people as well, so it is a win-win situation, but try not to think of it too much as a trade or exchange and just be yourself. The benefits of friendship should come regardless.

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No matter how much of a hard worker you are, the Chipotle stock can fall regardless, unless you have direct contribution to the franchise, which also won’t guarantee stock performance. However, hard work will increase the likelihood of whatever you’re doing succeeding.

Write down a list of every area of your life you can invest in and make sure that it is optimized so that your pursuits are backed by a strong foundation.

You can’t expect to win a Lamborghini race with a skateboard, so take care of your tools, and they’ll take care of you.

In the words of the great George Bruno:

Pursue excellence, and excellence will pursue you.