Build an Authentic Life

An authentic relationship with yourself will improve your life

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Without authenticity, life will forever feel shallow

We would live in contemplation — always wanting to be who we feel we are but we push that aside out of doubt and fear. And we doubt and fear because we’re not sure how people may respond to us. And there’s a part of us that wants people to respond to us positively because that’s often the permission we seek to feel good about ourselves. So we instead repress who we are to live on the surface of life, never exploring the depths of our being.

We then find ourselves saying and doing things that aren’t an honest expression of ourselves. It’s partial, it’s incomplete. The world around us may be impressed by what they see, but deep down, we hide who we truly are.

It’s kind of like not caring about people to prove something about ourselves

Out of frustration, we turn a blind eye to others but deep down we feel this pang of guilt because we know that we’re not being honest with ourselves. And we feel worse when we externalize this mistruth, when we say and do things to reinforce this dishonesty and dig ourselves deeper into this pit of self-deception.

We may not say this to people, but it’s in all of us to care enough about them to not wish ill upon them, to not have them succumb to their sufferings and tragedies. And if we say and do things to give off the impression that we do not care, that’s us not being honest, that’s us not being authentic, that’s us misaligning with who we are.

We do the same thing with kindness, generosity and other traits that we think people may think are weak or unpopular

There are deeper truths to everything that we sometimes ignore which lead to an incomplete expression of ourselves. So our intention isn’t always well met, it’s hidden, or encrypted under many different layers of pride, insecurity, emotional immaturity and different things that make it difficult for us as well to see our own intention.

It’s for this reason that we become hypocrites and liars, or find ourselves betrayed by others who feel a lot of jealousy on a deeper level and end up stabbing us in the back.

Many of us have unresolved issues or parts of us that hold us back from being authentic in our everyday lives

It’s an odd thing we do as social creatures, but as much as we are social, we must not forget that we are individuals. And as individuals, we have the power to be whoever we choose to be, but it is our responsibility to piece together what that means to us, to look deep into our souls and align ourselves with all that we truly are, not what others prefer or what we think they prefer.

There are things we should not ignore, things we should be sure of before we speak or act. We should go as deep as we possibly can into ourselves to express ourselves. And if we find lost or repressed parts of ourselves along the way, all the better because we can begin resolving these unresolved parts of us and integrate them back into our lives.

Following this journey towards authenticity is a self-discovery process because as we express ourselves we learn more about ourselves along the way

At first, it’s deeply satisfying on a personal level because we learn how to be true to ourselves and we build up the courage to no longer deceive ourselves.

But going beyond ourselves is the tricky part because we often lose relationships and things that we were once attached to. It’s tough to embrace this change so we often do our best to resist it but the reason why we embrace it is because we know that there’s no way we can be true to ourselves, and the people and things that we were once attached to.

It’s not all dark and gloomy though. Building an authentic relationship with ourselves will only help us build authentic relationships with people and habits going forward. We will find our lives improving significantly because we no longer will feel compelled to hide who we truly are.

Authenticity is the foundation you need to build a fulfilling life

Things like backstabbing, jealousy and hypocrisy will no longer be welcomed in your world. Instead, you will find sincerity, earnestness and righteousness all around you.

Of course, it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, but you will be able to take care of yourself in the thunderstorms too because everything you say and do will stem from the deep relationship you have with yourself.

So if your life ever feels unfulfilling, stop playing silly games with yourself and do what you must to maintain an authentic relationship with yourself.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”- Carl G. Jung.

Invest In Your Existence, Kind Reader,




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