Can Good Thoughts Really Change Our Perceptions for the Better?

I know they do mine.

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We all know someone who seemingly has it all. Yet, to hear them speak, you know they see things differently. These are the people who are constantly whining, never thankful, and always have a woe is me attitude.

Conversely, we might know someone who seems to have everything thrown at them. They can’t seem to get ahead no matter how hard they try. One bad thing after another happens to them, yet they grace the world with their smile. They have the attitude that it’s all good. Nothing seems to get them down.

The difference between these two scenarios is one thing — attitude. Perception. What makes up our attitudes and our perceptions? Is it our thoughts? Is it the things we say? It is both.

Psychology today says “Words create reality.” It goes on to say, “The inner-dialogue you attach to any given situation makes it a reality in your mind. The subjective nature of reality can create problems and lead to failure if you are someone who is inclined to be negative.”

Much has been said about the power of positive thinking by some of the greatest people to have faced adversity.

Helen Keller once said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

She also pointed something else out — “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”

In spite of her difficulties, she was a wise teacher to the world. More than that, she was a living example of the power of being optimistic.

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Why do we each perceive things differently?

Many of our attitudes and perceptions are a product of our environments and our experiences all throughout life. But, no matter how ingrained our attitudes and perceptions are, it is possible to change them to something more positive.

The first step in doing so is having the desire to change. We must want to be more positive before we can become more positive. Then we must act on it. And those actions center around our thoughts, behaviors, and the things we say. Each of these things influences our perceptions.

Ergo, negative thoughts and words result in a negative view of the way things are. And positive thoughts and words help us to see things in a more positive light, no matter how bad things may really be.

I was once told that I was a negative thinker. This was before the concept of personal growth seemed attainable to me. There was a time I didn’t know it was possible to change.

Even though life hasn’t always been fair and things have really sucked at times, once I opened my mind to more positive thinking, it changed my life. Because then, instead of always being a victim, I became a victor.

And yes, I still have days where negative thoughts influence my perception of my reality. I’m human. Those are the days I list all the bad things about my life. And I forget about the good.

Thankfully, though, because I’ve become a practicing positive thinker, I tend to overcome those days quickly and get back on track. Notice how I said practicing positive thinker.

When you’re stuck in a rut of always looking at the negative, you have to act to change that pattern. You have to practice better habits.

For instance, instead of saying “My car got totaled yesterday. Man, that sucks,” you might instead say, “Wow, I was in a terrible accident, but thankfully, I’m still here. I lived to tell about it.”

Practicing positive thoughts has the power to change your mindset and therefore your perception about your reality. Your mind creates your reality. So it’s up to you what you want your reality to be.

And, it’s something you have to commit to every day, because well, this thing called life happens. And life isn’t always fair. But, if you choose to look at the good things instead of the bad things, before you know it, your reality of your life will seem more positive.

Good thoughts can change your perception for the better. I can offer you a ton of scientific research and proof but instead will just tell you that I’m living proof that it’s the truth. Put it into practice in your own life and see what happens.

Until next time, happy thoughts to you.

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