Can You Fit Healing Into Your Life?

“Getting Sick Really Got Me To Stop”

A friend of mine I’ll call John has been seriously ill for several weeks, possibly with colon cancer.

Last year was busy for John as he prepared for the addition of a new baby to his family while working full time and simultaneously overseeing several construction projects on his land. His illness could no doubt be viewed as bad timing.

But then, when is it ever the “right” time to be sick?

I paid John a short visit yesterday. He ticked off some of the things he’s been doing as part of his holistic healing journey. Among them, a juice fast, a cleanse, and adding probiotics to his diet.

As we talked, I got a strong sense that John is on his way to a full recovery. Is that because I believe John has hit on just the right combination of remedies needed to cure him? Not really.

While I do trust that the perfect remedies are arriving as needed, the reason I have confidence that John will make a full recovery is because of something else he said:

“Getting sick really got me to stop.”

That may sound like a simple statement of fact. But I knew exactly what John meant, probably because I have the same tendency he does to go, go, go, push, push, push, do, do, do, all the while overriding that quiet voice within that’s begging for attention.

While John took time off after becoming ill, I knew that the “stop” he referred to was more than just a physical slowing down.

He also meant that he paused and took inventory of himself and his life.

There’s nothing wrong with being active, working hard, achieving things, and accomplishing goals. We’re here to create, to experience, to dance, after all. And sometimes life calls us to work hard, to spill blood, sweat, and tears in order to realize our dreams and visions.

The trouble comes when we emphasize our goals and agendas over the greatest need of a given moment.

The greatest need of a moment might be good old-fashioned hard work. The greatest need of another moment (or moments) might be nothing more than to take things easy for a spell.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke on Pixabay

One possible reason for illness could be that something from within is asking us to become still and quiet enough to be able to hear our heart’s deepest call that we’ve been neglecting.

Or it could be time to acknowledge and work through some emotional baggage that’s been consciously or unconsciously weighing us down for days, months or years.

Maybe the real reason we’ve kept so busy isn’t that we’ve actually been consumed by a goal or dream, but rather that we don’t want to face and deal with our baggage — and carrying it around literally made us sick.

What usually happens when we get sick?

We simply can’t do as much. So we naturally slow down.

That alone can cause us to listen and look inward since there’s not much else to do. If we come to terms with our baggage in the process, our body may no longer need to provide us with symptoms to cue us that something is “off.”

I don’t mean to oversimplify things. Sickness is complex, there are many reasons people become ill, and I’m not suggesting that all or most of them are unconsciously self-created. But at times, illness can be a red flag from our inner being that there’s something in our life we need to change or address.

An inherent part of the dance of creation is occasional intervals of rest when we can listen to our inside for a time before it’s time to get back up and dance again.

These moments of doing nothing might seem like a waste of time, and they may even seemingly hinder us from accomplishing what we wanted to accomplish — at least in the short run.

We have to ask ourselves, “Is it more important that I reach my goal, or that I tune in and make sure my life is in harmony with my innermost wishes?”

Image by John Hain on Pixabay

The moments when we allow ourselves to center and connect back with source end up being our most healing moments. They remind us of what’s really true, what really matters beyond what our mind tells us matters.

While there’s not much going on as we silently align with our source, we almost always find ourselves renewed and revitalized afterward. This is because we have connected with the very thing from which the energy and impetus to “do” and create anything arises in the first place.

Sometimes illness is nothing more than our inside crying out for us to stop, listen, and tune in.

The question is, are you willing to fit healing into your life?